Limit of Accomodation of Human Eye (JHE10A)

here we’ll study about the limit of accommodation
of human eye. in previous section we already discussed about the accommodation due to which
eye can produce a clear image on retina. for nearby as well as distant objects. here we
can write that a normal eye. can see objects. clearly. between infinity. and a specific.
minimum distance. close to eye. this is called this minimum distance is called. least distance.
of distinct vision. so from the least distance of distinct vision up to infinity whenever
an object is placed eye can see the object clearly. here you can see. if, we have a human
eye. and an object is placed at infinity say we are having an umbrella like this. so if
it is located at far away distance the angular size is very small but eye will be able to
see clearly up to the level of magnification we can see the details. when the object is
brought close to the eye. up to a specific distance the. umbrella. or its details are
clearly visible to the eye or, eye will be able to produce its proper image on retina.
but when. it is brought mush closer to a point. the image got blurred. you can perform an
experiment like any object if you, bring it very close to your eye. you’ll see a blurred
image or, the objects seems to be blurred. this because eye lens is not able to produce
a sharp image of object on retina. so this is the minimum distance which we term as capital
d. and this distance we call. the least distance. of. distinct vision. this is the point which
is the closest point up to which, object can be clearly seen and it is called. near point
of eye. and far away up to infinity when object is placed. if eye can see the object clearly
this infinity here far away distance, we call. the far point of eye. so between near point
and far point wherever the object is placed eye will be able to produce a clear image,
so this range we call. the limits of accommodation or anywhere if object is placed between near
point and far point due to accommodation eye can produce. the image of object clearly on
retina which can be seen. so near point and far point can be considered as limits of accommodation
for a human eye.

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