Lieblingsstücke | Büste des Patriziers Willibald Imhoff d. Ä. von Johann Gregor van der Schardt

My name is Uwe Büttner. I’m a media technician at the museums, and my favourite object is the Bust of Willibald Imhoff. Willibald Imhoff was a 15th century merchant and art collector who belonged to the upper class. What I personally like most about this bust is the natural expression the sculptor has immortalised on the figure’s face. Willibald is shown looking at a ring, and I think the portrayal of the way he looks at it is really well done. On one hand, he considers it from a merchant’s point of view: What is the ring worth? Is it worth buying? He is evaluating whether the price is appropriate. And on the other hand, his interest is that of a collector, who views the ring as an art object. It’s beauty interests him. Do I like it? Is it worthwhile to add it to my collection? And I find these two different perspectives are just what the sculptor worked quite magnificently into this bust. Willibald’s somewhat skeptical view from above, for example. And his naturalistic appearance. Moreover, I also think he fits very well into today’s time. He somehow doesn’t look like he’s from the 15th century. Instead he could certainly live here in the present, because of the expression on his face; although his beard might be a little different. That’s why I find this object quite wonderful.

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