Les ophtalmologues sont surpris par ces 3 ingrédients qui ont soigner ma vision trouble rapidement

ophthalmologists are very surprised by
these three ingredients are yours blurry vision Before anything as usual, if ever
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follow and how old are you spinach this
plant is one of the vegetables with one more big
amount of nutrients strongly favorable for the body, rich in vitamin
ac in addition to the vitamins of the group
b who also have a high concentration In antioxidants such as carotenoids
that contribute to good care and maintenance Of the
vision pineapple this fruit in addition to its
exquisite and very refreshing flavor It has a high content of vitamins a and
c in addition to folic acid has mineral antioxidant properties,
potassium, iron and magnesium are considered as
a nutrient source capable of complying with the requirements of a suffering person
of visual impairment , very favorable for
restoration of vision in “3 rd position the
Kiwi this fruit has high content in vitamin C still higher than that
found in lemons and oranges he has some
antioxidant properties and a high Vitamin A content
It is considered an excellent source nutritious and its flavor deserves to be admired
just by consuming a lot, fill the
necessary requirements for a good nutrition
It is important to know that malnutrition macular that directly affects the
view is due largely to free radicals and these are good
fought with vitamins and antioxidants, beta carotene ,
So if you spend years to have a bad diet, you are
constantly exposed to screens with Inadequate lighting, the
pollution of the environment and some hereditary factors, for example if
there are already some people in your family who suffer from this, n wait
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who have only one goal, give you long life and healthy health for this preparation we will need
three or four spinach leaves A half pineapple 2 kiwis for those who do not know
not the kiwi or who do not have it in their country, replace this with red oranges
blood is not quite the same thing but it is also a good palliative
the first thing we must do is wash the leaves well
with clean water and
peel the pineapple and cut it into pieces long
What and
then peel the kiwis or orange if you have an extract of this fruit within reach
of hand you can also use it Put everything in a blender, crush well
until a homogeneous mixture is obtained you can consume this juice without any
condition, without any restriction The first results only appear
a few days later you will start to notice how
your sight becomes sharper and clearer what is
the purpose of drinking this powerful juice
also remember that your body likes All that is holy and natural and this
source of vitamins and nutrients you will provide good results in terms of
your general state of health My loves we came to the end of
this video If you ever use this in a way
other than those described in video N feel free to share with us
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