Learn Layers of Retina in one minute, Easy Mnemonic to learn the Layers of retina, Ophthalmology

hello guys today we are gonna learn
about layers of retina from outer to inner and here is the mnemonics PE NP square
gang no film and how the new mnemonics come is Np for NEPAL okay and in
nepal what happens is most of the schools they have PE classes in the morning PE for
physical education classes and you know some students make gang and they
fight okay and it’s not a film its real okay now we start the layers of retina
number one PE for pigmented epithelium okay and now comes the P P for
photoreceptor layer and E is for external limiting membrane and then now
comes the NP square as we are going as we’re learning from outer to inner so we
write here outer N for nuclear layer and then P for outer plexiform layer and
again as it is square so now comes the inner inner N for nuclear layer and
inner P for plexiform layer and then comes the Gang Ganglionic cell layer NoF
for nerve fiber layer and then ilm for internal limiting membrane okay guys
thank you

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