Laxmi Devisetty, M.D. | Retina Surgical Specialist, Michigan Medicine

– I went into ophthalmology because, actually because of my grandparents. They both had diabetes and they both had diabetic retinopathy. And it was something very hard to see as a 17-year old, seeing your grandparents have a hard time with their vision. I like seeing people
get their vision back. I think that excites me a lot, because you could see it in their faces when they actually can see something more than what they came in with. And, for example, there
was a patient who was, hand motion, couldn’t see
anything past that hand. She was a diabetic, a young mom. And the fact that she could see her child after surgery, that was exciting to me, that she had surgery and
now she can hold her baby, she can see the features of the baby and she can actually
go up to see her baby. And that was the most
exciting part of my day.

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