Latihan Mata – Eye Excercise Mata Minus Bisa Sembuh

hello viewers meet again on this channel boss hatta’s channel this time we are in the onenkuto session this time we will discuss about eye exercise or eye sports the English is called eye excercises because in the recent use of gadgets often damage the eyes
especially if you often play gadgets at close range if the mobile screen is too close you see it, your eyes often feel sick
such pain can get to the brain headaches and can cause eye minus alias nearsightedness yes we are not comfortable still young eyes are minus already farsighted even though that
as a result of our own mistakes well exercise for the eyes is useful for blood circulation to the eyes ok without talking any longer we go straight to the scene let’s go check it out this place again apparently to the field
ok let’s get started before we do we take a deep breath and exhale
pull it out is useful for the brain Our first movement starts with a vertical eye movement
top down remember 10 times the repetition the second movement is horizontal eye movement
left and right with 10x reps the third movement is the diagonal eye movement
left top right bottom yes if you want to imitate my mouth is also okay hahaha the fourth is the diagonal, too oh there’s a slight disturbance apparently hahaha Let’s get started
top and bottom try to mimic my mouth if you want to come too it’s okay huh hahaha just intermezo hahaha
yes, but if you don’t have to come along, it’s okay to finish the fourth movement the fifth movement is the clockwise movement rotate
with 10x reps finished … eh there want to pass again please we start with the counter-clockwise opposite direction
with 10x reps okay when you’re done the next movement is to focus on training focus
look at our thumbs, keep it close, remember to stay focused with one point, the thumb nail far near the point for focus training after this look at the thumb then look at the far
thumbs up 10x yes okay this next is still with the thumb yes but the thumb on the nose
thumbs nose look at my eyes don’t look at my face hahaha okay then one eye is closed like this
one eye, right eye first
yes 10x the point is to launch your focus yes after the next movement is reversed, the right eye is closed
Okay, keep breathing next movement flushed up you hand uwo okay until warm
okay if it’s warmer stick it to the eye with a count of 10x,
10x count, it’s already warm, okay Next, blinking practice 10 times well then blink with the help of the mouth / cheek
this is useful for tightening the muscles around the eyes the next one is more extreme hahaha yes finished then your eyes will be smooth
blood flow to your eyes will be smooth
see you again

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