LASIK Procedure Patient Testimonial at CorrectVision Laser Institute

The entire experience from day one was a lot easier than I thought it was going to be Including the staff in both locations, everyone was great and the surgery itself was fantastic no pain whatsoever I think it was less than seven minutes in the entire procedure was over. It was fantastic. -Who did your surgery? -Dr. Robin The process was very simple quick I came in. I was named a good candidate for the procedure From there. I believe I worked with Ruth for Setting up payments and the financing of it. That was a breeze that went perfect leading up to the surgery Everything was fine. I was receiving phone calls late enough, making sure that everything was okay Yeah, my phone rings Saturday morning, it’s like no way no way he’s called me So yeah, that was fantastic the doctor gave me a call and it really makes you feel It makes you feel good. You know that a doctor followed up with you and it’s not all about the money, you know It’s it’s about making sure that the patients are satisfied with with what was done and I am more than satisfied. I’m 110% satisfied Hopefully they take my My recommendation then and come in and witness this for themselves because all you guys are great I mean everyone from the doctor to the front desk to Yourself to prove to everyone I’ve ever dealt with here. It’s top-notch. You guys are first-class


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