LASIK Patient Testimonial | Brian Griffin | Filutowski Cataract & LASIK Institute

(ethereal music) – Life before LASIK was a blur. I wasn’t feeling creative at work. Doing hair, being a hair stylist, it’s all about creativity and positivity. I was feeling insecure, fat, and frumpy, and I just hid behind my glasses. They were my shield to life. I was gonna be stuck with them, and that’s how I felt. After LASIK, I feel fabulous. It’s given me that
confidence, and it’s freed me, freed to do whatever I need to do in life because I no longer have something I gotta constantly remember, and I just loved the whole experience. The number one reason for
me on why I had to get LASIK and get out of these glasses,
it’s cause it’s so annoying to be foiling somebody’s
hair or doing hair extensions at six foot five when the
average person is five foot six. So, always constantly looking
down at somebody’s head, my glasses are slipping, I’m
constantly getting aggravated, pushing them back up, and
then I start sweating at work and they’re falling off my face. LASIK set me free. I no longer have those issues,
and I do work confidently, more beautiful hair. And I love what I do. I would recommend Dr. Filutowski ’cause doing my own homework and Googling and searching out there and
seeing what was out there, Dr. Filutowski was ranked
number one for our area, he had the best reviews,
he has the most experience, and made me feel confident. And then when I went into his office, the treatment, the
professionalism, the education, going over the procedure, helped
me release that fear factor which is what I would
want you to have, no fear, because it was really
an amazing experience. Since LASIK, it’s freed me. It’s freed my face and gave me back me. I’m doing better hair, I’m doing better things in
my life, I work out now, I’m down 75 pounds, I’m
creative more at work, and I just love the freedom. My name is Brian Griffin,
owner of Salon 402, and Dr. Filutowski changed
my vision for life.

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