Laser Eye Surgery Vlog 02: Charlie’s Post Op Conversation

So we are now about 5 minutes after surgery, how does it feel? It feels amazing. Does it really? Yeah it’s a little bit blurry, but I can see from one end of the room to the other Can you see the coffee machine over in the corner Yes Fantastic And the lights and the box that the coffee is in And if you wiggle your toes down there? Yes I can see my toes completely Fantastic and whilst you were in the surgery, how did it feel? It was absolutely fine. You just It was weird with the laser. You just get like blurry red flashing lights and there is quite a weird smell which is the laser heating up it gives off a gas Is everything as Mr Pillai explained as well? Yeah they talk all the way through Like they tell you when to open your eyes They tell you what’s happening They say like what they’re doing when they raise the flamp and when they’re moving from one laser to the other They tell you when to blink. So you didn’t feel isolated or alone. No. No you are just surrounded by people and they are always telling you they’ll even count down. Kind of they’re like Uh This is interacted Like “laser counting down” “20 seconds” “10 seconds” Fantastic It was really good Excellent Vision wise it’s feeling Its gonna get a little bit better Yeah They said they’ll feel gritty in about 20 minutes and I need to keep using lots of eye drops and then tommorow I’m at driving standard now Obviously they advise you not to drive but I could get in a car and legally drive if I wanted to. That’s incredible I can see that well To give everyone an idea of what your vision was like We couldn’t get off the top line when we first used to test your eyes Could we? Yes So that’s incredible, so well done and as far as the experience goes so far how is it feeling? What do you rate it out of ten? Ten out of ten. Ten out of ten? It’s been great. Fantastic. And i can see. And you can see The world is not fuzzy anymore Exactly, there’s no fuzz. Excellent and you felt comfortable and relaxed all the way through As a patient. Mr Pillai said you were very relaxed Which is unusual for medical professionals Which I’m sure there’s a complement in there somewhere I’ve kind of done a lot of research about it. So you kind of know exactly what’s happening which I wanted to. So therefore I knew what was going on all the time from what he was saying like understood with me So therefore I was like Yeah, he’s fine. He knows what he’s doing. He knows what he’s doing and we are donating your your spectacles to vision aid overseas or a similar charity. Yes And now we can just blow out on the sunglasses instead Fantastic, we’ll catch up later. Thank you Charlie

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