Laser Eye Surgery Experience – Fiona | Optical Express

I chose to have laser eye surgery just to
make life easier because you’re sitting and you’re wearing glasses and really, I
figured out the finance of it and it’s actually cheaper just to get it done and get it over
with and I’ve just always wanted it done. I figured everybody else would get it done,
so why shouldn’t I? During the treatment it was really good. It
went really fast and the Receptionist calmed me so much. I literally sat up after the surgery
and was like, okay, next part and they were like no, that’s it done. I didn’t feel any
pain, they like throw anaesthetic in there all over the show and they calmed me really,
really well, so I was really impressed. I’m really excited to like go scuba diving
and being able to see, even to go swimming and be able to see underneath the water. Even
sports and stuff is just going to be easier. You can’t do cartwheels with glasses on,
so it makes life so much better. I would definitely recommend Optical Express.
I’ve been saying to loads of friends, they’re like oh, did it hurt and I would say no, it
didn’t hurt at all. I definitely think you should just go and get it done. I think I’m
a little bit crazy, but yeah, no, it was brilliant. I was really impressed.

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