Laser Eye Surgeon Dr. Steve Schallhorn | Optical Express

I choose to work with Optical Express because
I’m used to working with the best of the best, F14 pilot,Top Gun, the military and as a NASA
consultant, it was a natural fit that I want to work with the best of the best and that
is Optical Express. The Optical Express International Medical
Advisory Board, we abbreviate it IMAB, was set up in 2006, it’s composed of the worlds
experts in refractive surgery. It was designed, to take and provide Optical Express with the
very best clinical governance and oversight for all aspect of our patient care as well
as our surgery. The goal of the International Medical Advisory
Board is to improve the quality of care we provide, the surgery, the techniques,everything.
Good clinical governance, and I see the role of the IMAB doing that, making us better,
continually making us better. And that’s what I see as the goal of the International
Medical Advisory Board now and in the future. Our International Medical Advisory Board has
done many, many things to improve the quality of our care. I think the thing I’m most proud
of is that we’re able to better define the unique patient for the unique surgery we’re
able to match that up very well, on a very individualised basis.
Our International Medical Advisory Board’s at the meetings we have, have changed their
clinical practices based on what we have seen and discovered at Optical Express.


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