Kort maar krachtig / Short but sweet

Young man! I need your help! The princess has been abducted by the evil Lord Darkside and only you can save her! Why? For it was foretold by an enchanted prophet! And because I can’t find anybody else. Oh no! Oh yes! And you only have two minutes because this is a very short movie! But I don’t even have a sword! We’ll take care of it! Only the chosen one will take this sword- … Good enough, come! There! And these are our travel companions. Oh… And this is our travel companion. Come, we don’t have much time! PUT ON YOUR 3D GLASSES TAKE OFF YOUR 3D GLASSES I’ll help you. I’m trustworthy. That’s great, I’m feeling really good about this! I’ve won their trust! A traitor! I didn’t see that one coming. Take this! I’ll protect you! I’m wearing a suit of armor! How is this possible?! Over there is the tower! The princess is all the way at the top! Hey hey! My bad, it’s the window below! Guys, I’ve seen the errors of my ways. I can help you.
I’m fluent in the dragon language! Oh no, I was just starting to like him! Fuck! Nicely done within the time limit, guys! 5 years later… Gwendolyna, I’m all out of beer. And they lived happily ever a- Just start the credits already!


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