[Korean Beauty] Corrective makeup for Bulging Eyes

How to Hide Bulging Eyes with MakeUp. Today, we are going to learn how to apply eye makeup that makes protruded eyes look less bulging and more natural. Cho Wonkyung, Makeup Artist at EnCloe S1: Use brown eyeshadow to fill in the empty patches of the eyebrows. For those with dark eyebrows, you can immediately soften your first impression using a light brown eyebrow mascara. Comb-up the eye brows. Apply highlights to the brow bone and the sunken area under the brow. S2: Apply brown pencil shadow just up until the most protruded part of the eyelid. Use a gel liner to fill in the waterline and draw out the eyeline Sweep out in at the ends to make your eyes look longer and divert people’s attention away from the bulging area. Use a non-shimmer eye shadow to blend in the area between the pencil shadow and the gel liner in a natural gradation effect. Use a beige tone eye shadow to create the same gradation effect above the pencil shadow. Use dark eye shadow to connect the underline to the upper eyeline. Apply a bright shimmery shadow on just the sunken line above the bulge. This will make the whole impression look less tired S3:Curl the eyelashes to the maximum starting at the roots. Heavy curls soften the effect of bulging eyes. Apply mascara meticulously from the roots of the lashes.


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