Knocked Up (5/10) Movie CLIP – Where Do Babies Come From? (2007) HD

Who’s he? l’m Ben Stone. He’s my boyfriend. That’s nice. l’ve never met him before. Well, he’s a new boyfriend. But a boyfriend. So he came over
for breakfast because
he’s your new boyfriend? DEBBIE: Yeah.
He came from his house. Drove over to our house because he thought
it would be fun
to have breakfast with us, so he drove his car
from his house to our house
to have breakfast. Because he likes
breakfast so much. l love breakfast. You guys wanna hear something neat?
We’re gonna have a baby together. SADIE: What?
Yeah, a baby. Well, you’re not married. Aren’t you supposed
to be married to have a baby? You don’t have to be. But they should be
because they love each other, and people who love each other
get married and have babies. Mmm-mmm. Do you love each other? Yes, they love each other.
Because that’s what you do. When you love each other,
you get married
and have a baby. Where do babies come from? DEBBIE: Where do you think
they come from? Well, l think a stork,
he drops it down, and then a hole goes
in your body, and there’s blood everywhere,
coming out of your head, and then you push
your belly button,
and then your butt falls off, and then you hold your butt
and you have to dig, and you’ll find a little baby. That’s exactly right. Feed the teddy bear. Okay, l feed
your bear the grass? Okay. You know what your bear
would also like
to do with some grass? (LAUGHING) Smoke it. What do you think of him?
He’s funny, right? Mmm-hmm. Fetch. All right, bring it back. He’s playing fetch
with my kids. He’s treating my kids
like they’re dogs. No, he’s not. Go get it! Fetch! DEBBIE: Who plays fetch
with kids? ALLISON: He’s trying.
He’s making an effort. BEN: Bring it back.
He’s overweight. Where does that end? How old is he?
23. Looks 33. He can barely get in and out
of that little house. lmagine how much bigger
he’s gonna get. That means he has bad genes. Your kid is gonna
be overweight. Shit. l’m gonna get you! l’m gonna get… (GROANS) (KIDS LAUGHING) Just give him a break. (EXCLAIMS) Okay. l’ll try.


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