Kansas City Week in Review – Mark Funkhouser & Gloria Squitiro

welcome everyone I’m Nick Haines with so much fixation on
the ongoing man’s racing Kansas city it’s sometimes good to
take a break this week we do with a man who knows all too
well the promise and pitfalls of being mayor of Kansas city
Kansas city is know how to roll up their shirt sleeves and get
to work they want a mayor who will do the same thing I’m a
former auditor and a finance professor of the global economy
continues to fall who else is more qualified to lead the city
you elected in Mary into thousand seven Bob funk Hauser
is with us he’s not publisher of governing magazine in
Washington DC the go to publication for tracking trends
in local and state government and with him is former First
Lady glorious with hero who is back in town with a brand new
book part of a new and then lost series chronicling that
relationship the campaign and at that time in office when you
see though that old campaign commercial does that make you
feel all was full of those times so do you still feel some
pain and angst in turmoil about those days Gloria both
absolutely but mostly seeing that commercial I forgot about
that commercial it was so good that was after we finally got
some money rolling into the campaign and could and that can
have something professional done you know I was looking
through the book and it is an amazing book called may cause
drowsiness and blurred vision I’m not talking about the blue
invasion because to me there’s a lot of eye popping aspects to
this book that I loved including the back cover that
says they could throw her out but they conscious shut her up
she has the rare distinction of being the only First Lady
America legally bound from city hall that’s a great seduction
to get you into this book so do you feel differently
about that today than you did then and you better understand
why that happened why getting banned happened
I understand with my head like but not with my heart
with my head I understand that it was about money and and
our and funk was shaken that money and power up in I was an
easy target but yeah I would still today do
it all over again because I don’t think a lot of people get
an opportunity to do a whole lot of good for a lot of people
and that was a wonderful opportunity in the book you say
in twenty eleven funk was blacklisted in Kansas city
after the election on were forced to leave the home what
we raised our children and more I’ve got and then moved to
Washington DC did you feel you have a choice after losing the
election which is really the eight years ago this very month
out no right now I’m in blacklisted I couldn’t find a
job here absolutely the kind you know and I had thought that
I would well you had several jobs and then they disappeared
yeah young people and so so yeah I mean are you had to
leave and and and I was very fortunate
to land the governor and now it was it’s a national platform to
talk about what I want to talk about and so on I’m happy I’m
happy with it our was darn upset to lose the reelection
and Lou now looking back campaign commercial I’m
reminded of how much fun the campaign was being there was
hard work on the campaign was hard work but it was fun you
say in the book that jail you knew very little about politics
can very little about politics but you thought your husband
was going to make a court case awesome man did you think he
was a kick #*#*#*#* man I think he he accomplished what
he set out to accomplish his biggest goals saving the city
financially reducing the crime I think he did a fantastic job
had he listened to me and my Italian roots what my intuition
was telling me that he needed to fight fire with fire higher
Steve glorioso he wouldn’t listen everything’s Fung was
since my every every word this guy don’t listen to nothing and
I think had we hired Steve glorioso and gotten in the mud
the way you know the rest were getting
in the mud I think funk would just open their would you have
changed anything all I think she’s right on with
their Steve was the right person but but I yeah had hired
good people who I knew and who I liked none of whom had
experience with really cutthroat politics and that’s
what the mayor’s office is and Kansas city and really on from
our vantage point governor it’s true everywhere
and so glory always known points out to me how often in
our forty years or so together that I’ve sent well yeah you
were right and yes she was right about that you will have
in the book here it is Mike holding Gloria to make every
husband on earth feel grateful they’re not married to me so
you appreciate the fact that you might not always be the
easiest person I am so not easy the only reason I’m with this
guy is because he’s the only one that thinks he found a
prize and me now when I spoke to some of
your advice is the would work very closely with your
administration after your or election on when you lost that
election is Warren what was the greatest accomplishment they at
that time said it was you removing the metal plates from
all of the roads all over Kansas city do you think that
is your biggest accomplishment well I took a picture yesterday
of metal plates on the road I was at home the back
but if you take a look at the on
two thousand nineteen budget for the city council story and
their business plan for the city and they brought up on and
elaborate nice business plan five year plan all the policies
that we were able to put in place
that were not in place when I took office we were able to put
in place are there now and they’re working my fingerprints
are all over the financial picture picture are there when
when Terry Barnes was in office she
had tripled the city’s debt load from five hundred million
to a billion and a half we held the Lou the line on debt she
left the fund balance of about ten cents
today the fund balance is seventeen percent that’s really
good it’s really strong every full America Kansas city now
has something named after them okay bonds as the group at the
convention center Emmanuel cleaver his bull about Charlie
we live the downtown apple technically the park by the
river front if nothing was named for you does that stick
in your Craw today well that was the plan Kansas city is run
by the B. S.
party part of everybody we don’t need
to build we need good financial management we need to focus on
crime those sorts of things Kuehl everyday life for the
people who live here does that bother you Gloria
there is one thing and after him and it’s because I forced
it it’s a little plaque over on the east side that I demanded
his name be put on there there were council member names there
but no mayor so he’s got one but no funk was not in it you
know for the glory of the mayor title you know he wasn’t in it
for to be a cheerleader for the city he was in it to fix the
city and I think he did a really great job effects on the
city now we are in the middle of a major label campaign and
people get fed up of it and every single week on this
program but Jolie Justus Quinton Lucas had one of them
will have one foot in the door that you held for so long
what advice do you give them all eyes the into city hall
well I don’t know anything about politics normally I was
only you know aware because of funk and I don’t know about
local politics here enough to say anything out so I don’t
know if they’re part of the establishment not part of the
establishment but if they weren’t part of the
establishment Mike from Paul Jolie Justus is but I don’t
know Quinton Lucas but if he’s not part of the
establishment if if he’s populace like funk was he needs
to play it really smart when all that negativity comes
through and and be smart about that you can’t wear the white
hat in your first term you can wear the white hat your second
term do you have that in the book politics is I believe
especially if you’re the guy wearing the white hats so she
believes you were the guy wearing the white hat what
advice do you give to Jolie Justus and Quinton Lucas well
one of the army I was despite the fact I work
directly for elected officials for almost thirty years and I
thought I knew the game I was naive I had no idea how mean
and vicious and nasty it is and so my first piece of advice is
take care of the people that you’re close to you know all
whole Lotta mayors and governors and folks like that
wind up on destroying their relationship with their
children with their spouse are in you when when the substance
it’s a plan known attention to the people you
love that’s that’s the first time the second thing is there
will be a recession and the new mayor’s term I mean there’s no
question about it and that’s going to be tough and so no I
would I’m so focused on the finances and get ready are you
happier today than you were when you were a man okay now
I no you know that was he loved doing that
it was hard the mayor’s thing is all consuming all the time
it’s in your face and it was the hardest thing we’ve ever
done but he’s always happy he don’t look
happy is the same as it was eight
years ago I said he looks the same he has the same demeanor
but he’s sixth Durnan unyielding looking but he’s
actually a very happy man why would how about you
I am happier now than you were then you know why
I am so much stronger now than I was then and I’m
really grateful for that and I’m really grateful for Kansas
city for making me a strong woman because I think we need
strong women today now more than ever the book is called
make coals drowsiness and blue division you can join the mayor
I’m full masseuse lady glorious with hero and bombs and noble
at town center plaza in Leawood from one to four this Saturday
they also be hosting a book launch party at seven at the
Westport flea market details of both events a glorious website
glorious with hero dot com for the Kansas city Missouri man
mark some cows and former First Lady glorious good hero thank
you for joining us so we can review thank you you’re always
so nice well thank you

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