John’s Story: When John’s Retina Tore, He Couldn’t Work for 6 Weeks

-I love being a dad. It’s the hardest thing the world,
it’s the greatest thing in the world. -Like most people who have children, you
pretty much revolve around them. We have two daughters: one’s
going off to college in a year. The price of college is crazy, so we’re on a strict budget. I worry about the future… -There’s a lot of pressure and
being the primary breadwinner… We all saw from the last recession anyone’s job is at risk if the economy
has a significant downturn. I purchased the SafetyNet insurance because I was
concerned about job security. I knew that it protected against
job loss and disability. Quite frankly I never dreamed the disability was in my future. I work on a computer a lot, and I have to read a lot. One morning I woke up and I had a
little shadow in the corner of my eye. -I got the call saying John had his retina
tear and he had to go into emergency surgery. -If you don’t fix it immediately,
you can essentially go blind. -It’s terrifying! -I was fearful about what
this would mean for our family. -It’s a horrible recovery. He had to look down
for three days straight. He couldn’t look up at all and he’s lucky
that it didn’t tear again. And then we found out he was gonna be off of work for six weeks. -And I started to think about what that would mean for my family. I’m fortunate to work
at a good company that has coverage for 70% of your income during disability but
30% of our income would no longer be there. -I was very stressed. -We don’t have dollars just laying around for an unexpected emergency like this. -And it’s like, “Wait a minute,
we’re going to be okay…” because we were
going to get a certain amount from SafetyNet, which would help us. -The product was that little extra level of help through a difficult time that made
it easier for our family. For a small monthly fee, I was able to get six
thousand dollars of protection. -I couldn’t believe for such a little
amount each month you would get such a big payout at the end. -I filed the claim and it was
approved within 24 hours -It was a huge relief to know that
we were gonna be okay -Having that one less thing to worry
about and being able to just focus on getting well…that was huge for our
family and made the process of healing easier

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