Island Nudity | Naked and Afraid

[Music] being naked on this challenge it’s not a problem I’m comfortable in my own skin my biggest concern is I burn easy and I don’t want my personal private parts to get fried and burned the good news is is that we’re both naked in this together so I’m hoping that he’s thinking the same thing as me as oh my gosh am I really gonna have to meet this naked person holy moly I would say any person nowadays being thrown in a situation with another person who’s naked and you’ve never met him before you’re gonna feel slightly strange no matter what hopefully my partner is comfortable being naked and she don’t mind me staring at her and then BAM there is this naked man he’s coming at me and I’m like wow that’s a naked man Allison nice to meet you too when I saw Allison I saw oh good young attractive girl also pushes in shape beautiful out I love what you’ve done with the place huh the first thoughts that ran through my mind were oh god this guy’s naked and so my and I don’t know him this is weird no big dude you know but super fit and oh my gosh this is like something out of a movie what you see we got a son yeah I’m roasting good to know each other I’m gonna figure out what we can do


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