Ischemic Stroke

made by ph/ Rayan Mahmoud
faculty of pharmacy , alexandria university a stroke occurs when the blood flow
in part of your brain is blocked after just few minutes
the starved brain cells begin to die normally the brain recieves blood
via two major pairs of arteries which branch to brain tissue and supply your brain cells with
a constant flow of oxygen , glucose and nutrients necessary for their functions in one type of stroke ” ischemic stroke ” an artery in your brain narrows or becomes completely blocked
preventing normal blood flow the blockage may be caused by blood clot also called a thrombus which forms in unhealthy artery of the brain the lockup of blood flow causes the tissue
the artery supplies to be come starved or ischemic similarly the blochage may be due to ” embolus ”
a blood clot that forms elsewhere in the body and travels to the brain the embolus lodges in a narrowered artery and abstructs blood flow immediate treatment for stroke may help minimize
the brain cell injury and death if you have an ischemic stroke you may be given medication to break up
the clot causing your stroke later your doctor may recommend surgery such as carotid endarterectomy to reduce your risk
of having another ischemic stroke made by ph/ Rayan Mahmoud
faculty of pharmacy , alexandria university


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