iPad Mini 2 with Retina Display Unboxing & First-Boot Impressions (Space Gray, 16GB Wi-Fi)

The second generation iPad Mini is finally
here. It’s officially known as the iPad Mini with Retina display and it’s definitely a
big improvement over the previous iPad Mini. it’s got a much better faster screen, much
better faster processor and just everything is improved over the previous generation’s
iPad Mini. I’m Muwen360 and let’s take a look at the iPad Mini with Retina display, the
new iPad Mini, in this full unboxing which starts right now. Now this is the new iPad
Mini. Officially known as the iPad Mini with Retina display which succeeds the previous
generations iPad Mini from last year and this is the box or the packaging of the iPad Mini
as you can see “iPad Mini”. It’s very simple packaging the box is very like all of Apple’s
packaging this year actually. You have the words “iPad Mini” written on both sides and
on top we have the Apple logo and as well on the bottom as well. On the back here as
you can see, it says “Designed by Apple in California Assembled in China”. It has 16
gigabytes includes iPad Mini with Retina display, Lightning to USB cable, and USB power adapter.
Supports Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and this is all the information that you’ll see on the box
and that’s pretty much it there is really nothing else on the box and so the entire
box in wrapped around in a plastic. I’m just gonna open it up right now and show you guys
around so I’m just gonna open up the plastic. And so once we have the plastic wrap opened
up and as you can see this is the iPad Mini. A photograph of the iPad Mini with Retina
display on the front here. it’s the Space Gray model I have here and it’s the 16 gigabyte
Wi-Fi only model I bought so let’s just get right into it so let me just lift up the cover.
And there is nothing else in the cover and as you can see right out of the box, we’re
presented with Space Gray which is pretty much black. The iPad Mini with Retina display,
I’m gonna set that
aside as we will
see what
else is inside the box.


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