in Greek-Patient testimonial-ICL implantation for high myopia correction

Good afternoon, my name is Anna Maria Thanaskou and I’m here at Laservision, Dr Kanellopoulos’ eye clinic one week after undergoing the ICL procedure. I visited Laservision and Dr Kanellopoulos after being referred to by a family friend for the problem I used to have. Used to! I had myopia – about -17 diopters! – and astigmatism in my left eye and half as many in my right eye. So the contralateral eye difference was significant and was causing me additional trouble. At the time of this recording my vision is perfect. I am extremely pleased with the Laservision team and Dr Kanellopoulos. The screening was extremely thorough and the technological equipment is very advanced. Everyone made me feel very welcome and at ease. After discussing it in detail with Dr Kanellopoulos it was decided that for my case it would be best to go for implantable contact lenses (ICL) in both eyes. Every aspect of the procedure was thoroughly analyzed and discussed beforehand including possible complications, although in my case there were no complications whatsoever. In the OR, the actual procedure was very quick – about 15 minutes per eye! There was no pain, only a slight discomfort, which is easily overlooked, knowing what’s to come after the procedure! You just feel extremely happy! The environment was very calm. Two days later my vision was completely restored. My visual acuity is currently 10/10 very impressive for my case I would definitely recommend Laservision and Dr Kanellopoulos to anyone who has a similar problem I wouldn’t even think twice about it: it’s for your own eyesight! There’s nothing more to think about! I would like to thank Dr Kanellopoulos and the Laservision team once again. Goodbye.

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