I’m One in a Million – Celebrating 1 Million Magic Moments – Essilor Vision Foundation

Today Essilor Vision Foundation celebrates a million magic moments Unforgettable moments where children realize “I am one in a million” “I am one in a million” “I am one in a million” “I am one in a million” When a child receives a pair of glassses their world goes from blurry to clear. It’s a magical moment. A moment where they feel special. Unique. One in a million. A moment to see their parents proud smile. A moment when they see their first “A” A moment when they scored their first basket. We’ve helped children like Adriane in Los Angeles. Marco in Tampa Bay. Emily in Chicago. Cameron in Philadelphia and Rachel in Dallas. For every child we’ve helped, there are millions of other children in the U.S. who go without glasses. They are missing their Magic Moments. Help a child experience their Magic Moment and say with confidence “I am one in a million”

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