“If I Had To Do It Over, I Wouldn’t Bat An Eye” – Lois’ Story

hi I’m Lois from San Diego I work on
the computer all day long and I work with a lot of numbers and a lot of
calculations my vision was Deming and I didn’t realize it until afterwards and
it was like I had a like a gold amber filter over my eyes when I would look
out you know it was so gradual it was so gradual but I even said to my eye doctor
one time I said I didn’t think the cataracts are that bad and she’s like oh
yeah they took your heart B they give you some medicine to relax you before
you go in and then have surgery and then he comes and picks you up and you go
home from the time that I walked in until I walked out I would say less than
two hours I thought afterwards I might feel some
pain but never any pain and after the surgery I could see colors clearer I
could see I could see the whole world much much clearer and I had no idea I
mean from everything to like a leaf flowers and I had no idea that what I
was looking at before wasn’t normal when I had my surgery done I had it on
Wednesday I worked from home on Thursday and I went back to work on Friday for
years I mean I’m talking 40 years more that I wore contacts it doesn’t break
the habit overnight that all I don’t have to take these out anymore and that
for so many things I’d be like I don’t got to put my contacts in or take them
out and no I don’t if I had to do it over I mean even if I had to pay the
money out of pocket I had to do it over I wouldn’t bat an eye I would get beat
again not no question about it it’s more than
I ever could have dreamed it’s more than I ever could have asked for
what does it allow me to do I was

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