If I Could See, Would I Want To?

Here’s a popular question: Hey Tommy, if there was a way that they could get you to see, would you? Hey, you know, I don’t know. I think – I’d like to say no. ‘Cause it’d be cool to be like, “No, I’d rather not”. But – it would – I tell you what, it would be scary. It would be scary as hell. Because, so I have all this information coming in from the places it normally does, For me, right? From my hands, my ears, my mouth, and nose, right? And then all of the sudden, there’s all this brand new information, that I don’t even know how to process, pouring in all at once. Just boom! It’d be pretty crazy. It’d be wild. I think I’d get tired fast. The first few days – You know, I have to learn what colors are. Right? I’d learn how things look, rather than how they feel. I’d have to learn distance. I’d have to learn the perception of beauty. Like, what’s supposed to be good looking, or what’s supposed to be ugly. I’d have to learn what things look like. What everything looks like. Animals, birds, cats, dogs – I mean – I suppose I could tell by the size of a cat or dog. But one of those yipey dogs and a cat – that’s be something to learn too. There’s all sorts of stuff to learn. Ooh, makes my brain hurt. Oh my god, looking at food would be strange! Like, I mean some foods that touch, like spaghetti, ooh. Just touch spaghetti. You’d never eat it if you only felt it. But somehow it looks good on the plate. Fruit is kind of a strange thing, like a banana or an orange. Vegetables smell funny though. You know what I mean? Like asparagus. Here’s another one – broccoli. Just because of the smell, I won’t eat those. I don’t like ’em. I can’t believe food photos are as big as they are. It’s amazing. Everybody wants to look at food. How come food pictures don’t come in a nice wallet size, or something like that? And you know what else would be strange, is to learn what I look like. Like, I know what I feel like, but… to see myself for the first time? It would be so cool – It’d be giant. To watch television, movies. Sound with moving pictures, really? Then 3-D and HD and all this other stuff. There’s lots to do. Hurry up, medical science! Now I’m in. Now I want to. ♪ [TXP bumper music] So, you know, I guess when you get right down to it, would I or wouldn’t I, I’m gonna say yeah. I’d do it. Besides, if I don’t like it, I could always just keep my eyes closed, right?


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