I Spent 7 Days Upside-Down

I have never been this nervous for a
project before and that’s partly because if it doesn’t go well then I’ll have
spent a week in misery, and if it goes well then all of pretty fundamentally
changed my brain. So here we go! I’m going to open this box. These are upside-down goggles they flip
everything you see to be upside down and I’m gonna try to wear them for seven
days. Okay this is my first time trying them on. Here we go. oh man. Oh my god! This is gonna be difficult. Am I looking at the camera right now? No. Not even a little bit, right? No, you’re looking at your hands. Okay I’m gonna try to pour water
from one cup into the other. Whenever I tilt my head up things scroll
downward in a way that is like kind of nauseating. Kurtis… This is supposed to say my name. I can’t even – okay. This one here… is a bicycle? Okay.
This is my friend Dom he is a YouTuber with a PhD in quantum physics. He’s
really smart, and here he is demonstrating that it’s not just me –
using these goggles makes things really hard. Did I do good? How did you function? And I want to
try to get you to write your name. Hi I’m Dom from Domain of Science.
Link in the description below if you want to check out my stuff. Ok you what it’s like to have
these goggles on with them the world is flipped vertically and that actually
looks very different than if everything is just rotated 180 degrees. Look at the
font. Also the field of view is super narrow, so you basically have to point
your head directly at whatever you want to see it makes things hard. Add in that I
normally wear reading glasses and this was extra hard for me, but anyway back to
day one. I’m gonna be wearing for seven days so I’m just gonna make them a little
more comfortable. I can’t even see you and my hands
now this is like this is my whole field of vision right now. So this is Destin
from Smarter Every Day, he made this bicycle that when you turn
the handlebars to the right the wheel turns to the left.
No one could ride it because it was a backwards bicycle, and then he trained
his brain to ride it and then he couldn’t ride a normal bicycle after
that. So I thought it would be really cool to not only try and do the world
upside down, but to actually try and ride a bicycle upside down. So that’s the goal
for this week. It’s probably going to be painful, I’m gonna wear a helmet, and I’m
hoping that by a day 7 I’ll actually be able to ride a bike upside down. That’s
the goal. This is day 1, it’s been about an hour
and a half. I’m gonna try to ride a bike. Jana: back up and trying to get to me again.
Kurtis: this way? Jana: nope. oh no, very no. I feel really
nauseous and a little bit headachy and it’s only been a couple hours, so we’re
gonna – I’m just gonna sit down for a bit. So my rule is that as long as my eyes
are open I have the goggles on but I sleep with a mask so that I can actually
sleep. We’re gonna get really good at picking these up. Okay. No problem! Day 2. Walk straight to you.. Stranger Things: What’d she say? upside-down. Day 3. This is gonna be okay. It’s Day 4.. The reflection on this lake is really
trippy right now. I’m getting all of the weird looks. I had to mount them into this hat so
that they would take some of the weight off of my the bridge of my nose. Music: Turn it around. Its a montage! Music: Upside-down. Turn it around! Its a montage! upside-down. Turn it around! Its a montage! I can ride a bike! I can ride a bike! There’s now only 24 hours
left to this experiment and then I get to take these goggles off my face. I am
so excited to do that. Despite my pretty limited field of view I can navigate the
world pretty normally at this point. By day 3 I started to have these really
strange moments where everything would seem completely normal and then I would
look at my hands but they would be appearing to come down from the sky. It felt like they weren’t my hands and it would make me instantly nauseous. And
those moments continued to happen but the strangeness of them became less and less
extreme. At first it was actually nauseating but
over time it just became no big deal. By day 7 it just became normal. I thought
there would be a moment in which things flipped but that never really happened,
it just happened slowly over the course of seven long days. I want to say a huge
thanks to my patrons over on Patreon I don’t have YouTube ads enabled on this
channel so their support – your support – means a lot. If you like this video and
want to see more weird projects like it this is what I do so subscribe if you’re
into that. I’m gonna focus on biking. Day 7. Let’s try this again. Okay I’m gonna write this one – I think
it’s actually pretty close. It’s a bicycle! I have had these on for seven
long days and I’m finally going to take them off I’m so excited to do this I
don’t know exactly how long it’s going to take me to adjust to the normal world
again but we’re about to find out. Here we go. Oh my god. Whoa!
This is – firstly- okay moving my head, it’s like the same thing I experienced on day
one. I can use my hands mostly normally. I have this like weird -Wow- things are kind
of blurry and I think -wow. This is.. This is amazing. This is exactly what I
experienced when I put them on which means that my brain literally flipped
the world upside down. That is really cool! It’s a little
nauseated as well. Okay just as when I put them on I’m gonna try pouring this.
It feels weird to be doing this but it works fine, like I can I can navigate
normally, just everything feels just as how it did when I put them on in the
first day. This is so bizarre. I am Kurtis Baute. I haven’t forgotten how to
do things I just feel so dizzy and quite a bit nauseous, because again the world – I was about to say that the world is upside down. I feel like the
world literally just flipped for me! It only took me about two hours to
completely readjust to the world being upright again, compared with two full
days of nausea when I put the goggles on in the first place – so I was really glad
about that. But if this whole upside-down world
thing seems a bit too extreme it’s not because you’ve actually already done it
without even knowing it. When you were a baby the world was
upside-down because your eyes are pinhole cameras. I’ve got a whole video
where I built a digital camera in order to explain what that’s all about so if
you’re wondering what I’m saying just go and check that out. Your baby brain
figured out how to make the world feel upright for you,
and that was possible because of a remarkable thing called ‘neuroplasticity’.
Your brain can change. And that’s cool not because of what it means for some
weird thing with goggles but because of what it means for your entire life. I
used to think that I was not a math person and then I realized that I could
literally change the wiring of my brain, and then I knew that I was only bad at
math because they hadn’t wired my brain to be good at it yet. Your brain adapts
to whatever gets thrown at it. You can reinforce bad behaviours and addictive
habits, or you can reinforce good behaviours and learn things and build a
healthy brain. It’s up to you. Either way, I hope you make the most of it, and
thanks for watching. If you haven’t already done so, know that subscribing to
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that’s all that’s keeping them alive. But, you know like no pressure. It’s not like
a ransom or anything. So, you know. I mean… YOU DECIDE.


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