I Just Can’t See – Verna’s Story

this is my mom my daughter she likes to
window shop shop with my money shop with dad’s money when I started getting
the cataracts and in my it seemed like my vision was getting worse too – other than
being just cloudy and blurred it seems like the the distance part was getting
worse too – her eyes were getting worse again because she would always I can’t
see I just can’t see and sometimes she would just be so frustrated
I didn’t require drivers all the time only at night at night only when it was raining only when it was windy only when it was snowing only even when it was sunny only when it was Wednesday she’s trying to say all the time she was thinking about the
surgery and then that’s when she brought home the pamphlets and the brochures and
she started to explain it in greater detail I didn’t know anything about the
lens I didn’t know what to look up before but after he gave me the pamphlet of course I was on computer and looking it up the lenses would correct all of these
problems that’s why they didn’t have too much to say because I had made up my
mind that I was gonna have that surgery done I hear the Toric lens all the time it’s like it’s
someone’s name a friend of the family now a quick easy
procedure in and out and then after the surgery I just saw how happy she was
that she invested and got something for herself she’s always doing stuff for
other people and she said I can see and I’m like wow in fact you know I
told you I could see the stoplights coming home from the doctor I see
green trees that’s supposed to be green I see yellow trees that’s supposed to be
yellow they are the color they’re supposed to be now I don’t want to sound corny a
zest for life but really it seems like she’s another person this had to be it
made me realize how important this was to her and how much she’s been affected
by this all of her life um her vision is is much better now for a long time
she couldn’t see and she would let everyone know it and now she can see and
she lets everyone know it I did the right thing I know I did the right thing I would do it again
if I had that to do it it feels like she can live a life that she deserves

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