How To Use Honey For Eyes

how to use honey for eyes the uses of honey are very it is popular
as an external application as well as used for internal consumption we are
acquainted with many foods where honey is an essential ingredient however it is
important to know how one may apply this liquid gold externally as well I wash you need a teaspoon each of honey
and warm bottled water dissolve honey in the warm water and let it cool down for
some time you may also refrigerate it for faster cooling use the solution as
an eye wash when it is cool cool eyedrops for making honey eyedrops you
should always go for fresh come honey dissolve this honey well in the
proportionate amount of distilled boiled water use the solution twice or thrice a
day depending on its density while you make the honey eyedrops at
home you should always remember not to store the solution for more than a week
you can make the solution on a regular basis do not worry if you experience an
itching sensation immediately after applying the drops this burning
sensation is normal and it will cool down gradually


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