How to Make Eyes Look Bigger For Asian Monolid Puffy Eyes without eyeshadow or eyelid tape

Hey guys, welcome to my channel It takes much work to apply eyeshadow or double eyelid tape on puffy monolid eyes So today I will first make my eyes become monolid and I will show you a simple way to makeup eyes bigger for puffy monolid and hooded eyes without eye shadow or eyelid tape This is before and after comparison for today’s eye makeup In my previous videos I have shown three other different ways of eye makeup for puffy monolid and hoodied eyes First one is cut-crease This way could bring some western eye structure features to asian eyes Second one is blending layers of eyeshadow to create the depth Third one is creating a wing to the out corner of the eye Today’s video I will just use cream eyeliner, concealer and false eyelashes to make eyes bigger in just two minutes I have applied foundation and eye makeup primer I will just use eyelid tape to make my eyes become monolid Then keep eyes open to draw some marks to make sure later my eyeliner will be visible Then fill the colour just make sure the colour of eyeliner is even It will hide inside but people still can see it when you blink your eyes Keep the eye open to finish the liner for inner corner of the eye Smoothen the edge of eyeliner then fill the water line and draw a wing For outer corner of lower lashline I just use cutton bud to make it look soft not too harsh then finish the rest keep the eye open to define the fake crease the line should be quite close to the eyeliner so I dont have to apply any eyeshadow It’s different from cut crease makeup Use concealer to melt the extra cream eyeliner to make the edge become soft Then false eyelashes they can help to blur the fake crease line to make it look more natural I am not drawing a very arched eyebrow which makes hooded puffy eyes become worse so thats the before and after comparison and finished look I hope this video is a bit helpful Thank you so much for watching and I’ll see you next time 🙂


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