How to Enable the HiDPI (Retina) Display Mode on a Mac

Hey Guys, Today i’m gonna show you how to
activate the HiDPI mode which is kind of like
the retina display so first you have to go to developer dot
apple dot com then you click the Mac Dev Center the you click login this is crucial you
have to do this if you don’t have an account just press join now if you do you just sign in so the next step is you have to click
the view all downloads whoops okay in that search bar you type quartz debug this is like the graphics tools so
just download click this link right here and download it the file is a hundred eighteen megabytes so it’s it’s okay since I already have it ill just open it and show
you the next step okay so Quartz Debug the next this step is
like cool kay so you press window then UI Resolution then you check the enable HiDPI display modes check it then you press the logout button but since I already did this Ill just press continue kay then quit it you should be logged out right now but the next step is you have to open system
preferences then you press displays and then these whoops these four new resolutions would pop up or at least these two so thats it just click on it then it changes your resolution thanks for watching please rate subscribe and comment


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