How to draw realistic human eye | Step by step tutorial | Anza Artworks

Material used to draw reakistic eye B,2B,4B and 6B pencil 0.5mm mechanical pencil blending stumps white jelly roll pens mono zero eraser draw an outline use 2b pencil and shade outline of eye-ball blend it smoothly draw a random shape and pupil use 6b pencil to fill pupil fill pupil with a darker pencil fill rest of iris with lighter shade use a dry brush for blending follow shading add lines across pupil darker iris outline blend it smoothly use mono zero eraser and add lines in iris add small black lines with a sharp tip pencil use white jelly roll pen to highlight texture shade the rest with B pencil and blend it follow the steps add highlights follow the texture pattern lets start making eye lashes shade the bottom area repeat same method for making eye lashes at bottom add some highlights Anza Artworks

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