How to Do Eyelash Extensions by Bella Lash

[Music] Hi I’m Haley from Bella Lash and
today I’m going to show you how to do an entire set of eyelash extensions from start
to finish. Before your client comes make sure you have all your products set out. I usually
start with my Bella Lash tile and my jade stone, as well as my glue and I use under
eye gel patches and my tweezers and then I will have my primer and my cotton tip swabs.
And finally a mascara wand so I can brush through her lashes. Before you start the extension
procedure make sure your client has all their eye make-up off. Usually I have my client
take their eye make-up off before they come to the appointment. This is the Bella Lash
Cleanser With Make-Up Remover. It’s oil free. It takes off all the make-up. This is
something I recommend to all of my clients to stay hygienic and keep their eyelashes
clean. After the client has taken off all their make-up we put on gel patches. These
are the Bella Lash Eye Patches. We use these to isolate the bottom lashes. They’re lint
free and have collegian; so while they are isolating the bottom lashes, They’re actually
providing an anti-wrinkle treatment for your client as well. We designed these under eye
gel patches specifically for eyelash extensions. They stay in place, You’re not going to
have them slipping during the eyelash process and they contour to the eyes really well.
To put on the eye-pads there is a film on the back so we ust peel it off, and you’re
going to have the client look up. You’re going to isolate all the bottom lashes. Sometimes
it helps to brush them down, like that. Make sure none of the bottom lashes have creped
up cause if they do you will glue the top lashes to the bottom. Once the gel patches
are set leave them be and if any of the bottom lashes come up, stick them down with tape.
After the gel patches are set, we’re ready to prime the lashes. We use the Bella Lash
Primer with a q-tip. And to do this, you’re just going to put a generous amount on your
q-tip, and brush through the lashes. The purpose of the lashes is to take off any proteins,
or oil on the lashes so the glue can adhere better. I like to roll over the top of the
lashes and the bottom. It is very important to have all the eye make up off, especially
the mascara before you begin the extension process. As you can see I am still getting
some black mascara so I’m going to keep priming until all of it is gone. After we’ve
primed the lashes we’re ready to set up our Bella Lash Tile. So to do this we’re
going to get our jade stone and put it in the little cup right there and were going
to apply two drops of glue to it and then we’re ready to go. Today I am going to use
the Bella Lash Platinum adhesive. It lasts the longest and it bonds the fastest. Make
sure you shake your glue for a good 30 seconds before you put it on. Use 2 drops and when
you’re done, make sure you wipe the tip off with a cotton round. Cause we don’t
want the cap to stick to that top or else we’re not going to be able to open it again.
You need to refresh your glue every 90 minutes or when the consistency starts to thicken.
When it starts to thicken it means the glue is going bad and is starting to dry. Now you
have 2 different sets of tweezers. You have a curved one and a straight one. You’re
going to have your curved one in your dominant hand and your straight one in your non-dominant
hand. I’m left handed so my Bella Lash tile will be on my left side. If you’re right
handed then the Bella Lash Tile will be on your right side. First I need to isolate an
eyelash, and how I’m doing that is using both of my tweezers, filtering through the
lashes until I can find a single one and then opening wide. I’m going to grab a lash from
the tile, dip it in glue, brush the glue on the natural lash, and set it. Set the lash
as close as you can to the lash line without touching it. Make sure you’re alternating
eyes while extending their lashes, it allows time to dry on the other side while you’re
working on the other side. I use a spacing pattern while I’m extending so ill do an
inside one on this eye and then I’ll alternate eyes and do one on the inside on this eye.
Make sure you’re doing the same size and this way we have the same size and same amount
of lashes on each side. Now I’m going to go to the middle. And the middle on this side.
[Music] And then the outside. [Music] I’m going to continue doing this spacing pattern.
One on the left outside, one on the right outside, one on the left middle, one on the
right middle, and one on the left inside, one on the right inside until I’ve extended
every good lash. [Music] Once you run out of a strip of lashes, peel it off the tile,
find the refill with the correct size, peel the bottom row off and replace it on the same
line. [Music] Now we’ve finished extending all the lashes, and we’re ready to weave
through them to make sure none are stuck together and seal them. I’m just waving through all
the lashes to make sure none are stuck. Now I’m going to lift up all the lashes and
make sure none are stuck to the gel pad. You don’t want your client to open their eyes
and have them stuck together. To seal the lashes we use the Bella Lash Sealer and the
Bella Lash Micro Brush Swabs. Seal over the top and the bottom of each lash. [music] Brush
through the lashes to make sure they are all going in a smooth, continuous line. Thanks
for watching our video on how to do eyelash extensions. For more information on our products,
go to


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