how to cure of astigmatism, what is cylindrical ? what is astigmatism?

hi friends , we are come up with a new informative video again……… please go through full video for best information…. the topic of today is “Astigmatism” if you and your baby watching something with tilting head….. or reading with tilting his head or reading having such type of posture … or reading in the same way his/her book and neck both are tilted towards his/her shoulder due to this posture, he/she acquires astigmatism the viewing axis has changed as per the neck direction this faulty gesture has become the habit and become a weakness our eyes slowly develop this faulty gesture and … become permanent as time passes….. and unknowingly this habit become a part of our life this bad habit of reading affect our eye muscles and turn the position as per the your reading or writing habit if you are wearing spectacle if your neck is straight , there would be no astigmatism. if you are watching something or reading like tilting your neck defiantly you must have cylindrical number in your eyes after having cylindrical number in eyes patient ask not to put cylindrical in my eyes they generally ask what is the cylindrical ??? one most important thing is that … you need to keep your neck straight while reading book should be straight while writing your book can be tilted as comfortable as your hand direction perpendicular to your book you can rotate 45 degree you neck bent towards your shoulder while writing what you have to do is turn your neck straight …. now right ….. your eye axis is also in same direction as in video the movement is like arc in this case it develops astigmatism it affects our main muscles … medial and lateral rectus and vertically affects superior and inferior muscles also here i want to say improve your habit and keep your neck straight while writing you can tilt your book as you find it comfortable neck should be kept straight at the time of reading keep your book and neck both straight if you follow this instruction astigmatism starts reducing if you never meat with astigmatism it means that you read your book with a straight neck or you can say there eyes are free from astigmatism who so ever read with tilting neck definitely they acquire astigmatism those child who starts reading his book tilting his neck acquire astigmatism the child who read or write tilting his neck and correct the position at least astigmatism will be cured first of all correct astigmatism hypermetropia, myopia is secondary…. first of all …. cure astigmatism lets read and write in this manner you can ask questions …. in comments section than you so much for watching this video also help to reduce spherical number up to +- 1.00ds catch you soon


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