How to Apply Makeup for Women of Color : How to Blend Eyeshadows for African American Women

Next up we are going to do the 3rd color which
is the crease color. I happen to love a angled eyeshadow brush this really gives a up lifted
look to the eye. So what you want to do is close your eye and you want to create a V
in the corner. It is really easy and a brush like this fits perfectly into the corner and
always want to brush up. You never want to brush down you’ll always want the eye to look
up lifted so just a nice soft blend. Same on the other eye. Another tip always tap your
brush to get rid of the excess eyeshadow it keeps it from dropping underneath the eye
and that saves all the time of having to clean up again and reapply eye cream and concealer.
Just like that. All these colors just blend together beautifully. You would find when
you have eyeshadow with better pigment they just blend nice and easy together. Now open
up it looks gorgeous.


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