How Long Will It Take Me To Recover From Cataract Surgery?

At this point, the way I do cataract surgery
would be sutureless or stitchless surgery. So the recovery is basically just one day. So 24-hour recovery, and I do surgery one
day, then very next morning, you’re full speed. No limitations on activity, back to work,
back to your normal activities. And the visual recovery is only approximately
3 to 4 days. So you’re seeing great the next day and it
just gets better over the course of the week. So very convenient surgery, it’s very fast
recovery. It’s considered the quickest recovery of any
surgical procedure on the planet, in terms of any medical speciality. So if you have any further questions, please
call me. I’m Dr. Chris Walton. At 251-341-3385, or you can reach me online

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