How Do I Know I Have A Healthy Gut?

Back up. Thanks for coming back. I hope the sound recording has picked up a
little bit. I’ve just adjusted the microphone. So, if you still can’t hear me out there,
please give me a yell and I’ll crank it up to full. I’ve got it on three quarters. I had my microphone settings turned down unfortunately
for about 1,400 videos or whatever it was. So, sorry about that. Anyway, I’ve got a microphone coming. So, next thing I’m going to be told I’m blasting
everybody out. So, it might be too loud. Now here’s an interesting question from a
subscriber, this lady’s asking me, “How do I know if I have a healthy gut?” It’s an interesting question. It’s a question I’ve heard many times before. So, what is health? Is health purely the absence of symptoms? So, there’s no symptoms there at all? I mean, what’s having a really good gut health
mean? Well, having a really good gut health means
you’ve got a really good health in general. More and more researchers validating the work
that people like me have been doing now for decades. It’s finally all coming out through studies. Most all aspects of your wellbeing are controlled
and have their origins in gut function. So, it’s not really fair to say if a person’s
got anxiety, they’ve got a healthy gut. They’ve got an unhealthy gut, but I can tell
you now, most people I see with major anxiety do have an unhealthy gut, but is it the chicken
or the egg? I don’t know. Look at your fingernails right now and have
a good look at them. Can you see any fine lines in them? Do they flake or crack or break easily? What’s your hair like? Has it got a nice shine to it? Does it fall easily? Does it break easily? What about your skin? Have you got nice clear skin? Have you got Eczema? Have you got psoriasis, acne? Do you have pop marks all your skin or other
issues with your skin? What about your joints? Do they click or creek when you move them
or your knees or your back clicks or what about when you turn your head? Can you feel grinding noises when the atlas
and the axis rotate? All these are signs of toxicities and mineral
deficiencies and issues. Do you have blurry vision? Do you blink your eyes a lot? I could go on and on for half an hour with
all these different symptoms, but when you have deficiencies, a myriad or literally thousands
of symptoms can pop up. The gut is the seat of digestion providing
you’re eating good food and the digestion works well. You’re going to end, particularly if you’ve
got a good microbiome and the bacteria are there in place in the correct groups and in
the right amounts, you’re going to be able to digest and absorb those nutrients and then
furthermore, the cells or the end targets can utilize those nutrients, which means there’ll
be virtually an absence of nearly all symptoms. You won’t feel you’ve got problems. There are no issues there. You might have a problem with your mother-in-law,
but not disputing that, but you might have a problem with your body per se because you’re
doing the right thing. Okay? So, as I said, providing the nutrition is
good and you haven’t been pummeling your with antibiotics or lots of pharmaceutical medications,
you’re going to have a healthy gut, but remember a big part of this channel is about healthy
lifestyle. It’s not just about healthy eating, okay? So, the lifestyle will dictate also to a degree
what your healthy gut’s going to be like. Eating under stress is not good. Trying to eat food when you’re in a horrible
relationship or when you’ve got a terrible job or you’re in a war torn country, this
is not what I’m talking about because that’s definitely going to put a huge stress on the
gut, which will reflect in a poor and an unhealthy gut. So, I’m making the assumption that you’ve
got a very happy, balanced, healthy lifestyle. Good family, good friends. If that’s all going well for you and the diet
is good, the gut should function silently. There should be no sound at all. You should have minimal sound. You may get a little bit of rumbling here
or there or a little bit of gas, which is everybody should pass unless they’re deceased,
they should pass some gas. So, that’s all normal, okay? But as I mentioned in other videos, huge amounts
of gas, a lot of bloating is very abnormal. That’s signs of an unhealthy gut, but look
at the skin. The skin’s a key sign. I worked for many years now with skin patients
and I find the healthiest people have got the nicest looking skin and it doesn’t have
to be plastic cosmetic surgery either, okay? It’s natural beauty. So, thanks for tuning in. Don’t forget to click on the link in the description
box for my free report. Thank you.


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