something that’s gonna get you up when
you tired okay make you see when you can’t even open
your eyes smell when you sick yeah alright
you gotta get up there it’s gonna really get you going alright… that passion is
gonna get you to where you want to get to if you are just here just because you feel
like people expect you to be there or you know you’re trying to do it for the
wrong reasons you are not gonna last.. right have a purpose big enough where if you’re about
to die you still get keep going oh you get goosebumps when you think about it
the first thing thing about without even trying I can’t fail unless you quit. just keep going and ask for help. be humble. trust
the process. trust the process in the progress and
just be a dawg!!l keep going anything else I pray everyday. I pray for wisdom knowledge pureness and understanding and health of course but to continue seeking receive God because
like you said man just like every day is no promise like my mom’s dentist he just
died I guess today but I just died and they just saw him last weekend so it
just shows you that everyday is not promised. I may not be here tomorrow let’s have fun man. let’s have some fun. prayer well we just thank goodness come
right here another great day at work we just pray were able to stay safe
today and just come out tomorrow or Thursday ready to work the rest of our
week continue to strive towards are goals be positive be honest with ourselves and
just use you to give a strength, to give us guidance, to give us wisdom every day Grind on three. grind on three. grind on three. 1…2..3…. Grind!!!

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