HOT NEWS !!! Intel Vaunt Smart Glasses Use Retinal Projection Technology

intel’s new devices grew are currently
in the process of designing a prototype pair of smart glasses which will use
retinal projection technology to provide a heads-up display that the glasses
projects directly onto the wearer’s retina unlike Google glass the new Intel
smart glasses will look more like traditional glasses rather than some
cyborg attached viewing display the Intel Vaughn smart glasses weighed just
under 50 grams and the electronics within are positioned on each sides of
the frame taking the form of two small modules built into the stems of the
eyeglasses due to the inclusion of retinal projection technology the
glasses need to be set up correctly to provide the projection in the correct
location on your retina when looking down the projection is visible but as
you look forward the projection becomes invisible and unobtrusive the smart
glasses use a laser to project the monochrome image and text onto your
retina and offers a 400 X 150 pixel area the laser is attached to the glasses
right lens and uses a holographic reflector to project the image onto the
back of your eyeball and directly onto the retina as you might have already
guessed the laser is a very low power and will not damage your eye in any way
says Intel the smart glasses are equally weighted on both sides making for a
comfortable wearable and all the hardware within this glasses has been
purpose built specifically for the eyeglasses
unfortunately no information on pricing or worldwide availability has been
released as yet by Intel for the Intel von smart glasses but as soon as
information comes to light we will keep you updated as always

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