HEV Blue Light from Phones Does NOT Harm Our Eyes

I challenge you to either call, or better
yet visit opticals within your area and ask them about H.E.V. Blue Light emitted from phones, laptops, and
all of other devices. What are they going to say? Depending on which optical that you either
call or visit you’re going to get the following reasons as to why you need that H.E.V. Blue Blocking Filter:
Reason #1: The Blue Light Emitted from electronic devices
can cause Digital Eye Strain. #2 Blue Light Emitted from electronic devices
is harmful. Reason #3 Blue Light Emitted from electronic
devices can cause retinal damage. Blue Light from Electronic Devices can accelerate
cataracts. And you might even hear that blue light emitted
from electronic devices can accelerate age related macular degeneration. Notice that there is a quick escalation of
fear tactics that triggers the emotional response to want to buy anything, absolutely anything
that will prevent harm to eyes. Sounds like a scare tactic. The thing is, that when a claim is made that
will elicit an emotional reaction the marketer has the responsibility to provide proof, real
proof in the form of clinical and scientific studies, not just using their title to influence
one’s purchasing decisions. Professor John O’Hagan tested this claim and
published his findings in UK’s Eye Journal back in January 2016 concluding that even
under extreme long-term viewing conditions none of the low energy light bulbs emitted
from computers, tablets, mobile phones that we assessed suggested cause for concern for
public health. None Suggested Cause of Concern. None. Link to the study is below. Now, lets look and hear from John O’Hagan
himself. Professor John O’Hagan knows all about Blue
Light. Blue Light in our normal environment is not
dangerous at all. Main source of Blue Light for most people
will from the sky. The blue light level coming from the phone
is so low that we need to turn down the lights in the room and bring the blinds down otherwise
we’re not going to measure very much. Levels are very low. It’s a very low output. There is no evidence that the blue light from
your mobile device is harmful. Three years ago Public Health England asked
him to do similar testing. As part of our study, we looked at a whole
range of different phones, tablets, screens and didn’t find anything gave us cause for
concern. O’Hagan’s tests determines screens are harmless. So, who is John O’Hagan and why should we
even listen to him? Well, John O’Hagan, he heads the Laser and
Optical Radiation Dosimetry Group at Public Health England. This research group covers all aspects of
optical radiation dosimetry including both the beneficial and detrimental effects of
optical radiation on people. The group also operates a UV monitoring network
across the UK, Erie, Gibraltar, and Cyprus. And there were three people that tried to
discredit the study. Pete Handlin Director of Technical Marketing
for Essilor, David Synott Vice President Global Production Manager Carl Zeiss Visioncare Business
Group and Adam Berger, MD, who represents Blue Tech and he said, “the article is factual
but it does not address the long term chronic cummulative insult that leads to age related
macular degeneration. Link to the quote below. My concern is the conflict of interest between
the companies dictating how their products are marketed to consumers while heavily influencing
the opticals and how the blue blocking treatments are being sold through scare tactics. But at least, Anne Marie Larse, O.D. of Hoya
Vision Care agreed with the study’s conclusion that High Energy Visible Blue Light is not
hazardous under these conditions. I looked and looked and looked for clinical
studies on the effects of HEV Blue Light on the Retina and found one by NCBI (which, by
the way is the most respected clinical study organization). The conclusion of the study: LED’s in the
range of 470 to 480 nanometers (in wavelength) for a short to medium period should not significantly
increase the risk of development of ocular pathology. Link to the study below. There’s a quote by John Maynard Keynes (I
don’t agree with his economic belief, but I do agree with his quote)
He says and I quote, “When the facts change, I change my mind”. That is exactly what I’ve done. I’ve changed my mind about how I feel about
HEV Blue Light Filters and their ability to help you. When you call or walk into Eyewear Republic
I will mention these scientific and clinical studies and if you still want the blue light
filter on your lenses then I will gladly put it on your eyeglasses. I’m going to empower you with the most up-to-date
information so you may make an informed decision and not a fear based emotional decision. Another reason that they might even recommend
it of which I forgot to mention earlier is that it alters your cyrcadian rhythm it alters
melatonin levels and therefore it alters your sleeping cycle. Now, that could be true, but here is a quick
fix, go to your cell phone go to the settings Night Light. Boom, apply that feature from your cell phone
and you won’t have any problems sleeping at night. It’s important that I go on the record today
to provide you with scientific as well as clinical studies that you can use to help
you make a distinction about what is unethical marketing and what is sound unbiased advice
from people that really are looking after your well being. If you found this video helpful then hit the
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