Hands-on with Helmet Spex – How to Wear Goggles with a Helmet

Hey guys. Dan with Liberty here about to show you guys how to put on the Helmet Spex for helmeted sports. First I’ll take off my regular glasses and I’ll pick up my Helmet Spex. Putting the strap on behind my head, adjusting for comfort. As you can see it’s a nice tight fit against the face and contours over the ear well. Next I’ll pick up the included skullcap, starting with the forehead, pulling it to the back of my head adjusting it so it’s nice and flush and tight. And, you see how that fits. Then as an example I’ll pick up the football helmet, it can also be a hockey helmet lacrosse helmet or whatever helmeted sport you play. Spread it apart, starting with the back of the head, pulling it down. And as you can see, because of the skull cap it slides on nice and well. And you can make some micro adjustments if you need, but i don’t think I really need to make those adjustments. So, if you play helmeted sports and you wear prescription glasses, go out and look out for the Helmet Spex. Thanks guys. If you like what you saw you want to see more videos, click here for our latest or click down below to subscribe


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