#GVLakerEffect – Lindsay Corneal

– Looking into Grand
Valley, I realized that, their mandatory co-op is so
beneficial for the students. It develops them as better engineers and I wanted to be a part of that. And now, being faculty here, I’ve been able to work
closely with the co-op program in the preparation classes through advising the co-op students, seeing the students getting
the real-world experience. It’s not just all about
being in the classroom. That transition that we have
between the work semesters on co-op and the academic semesters, the students get to go
back and forth and see, what they’re learning,
how it can be applied and get a better perspective of what it means to be an engineer. I’m Lindsay Corneal, I’m a professor in the
School of Engineering and my Laker Effect is developing
industry-ready graduates.

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