Graphics Review: 15″ Macbook Pro Retina (Late 2013) with Batman Arkham City

Whatsup Guys As promised, here is my game review for the
latest macbook pro retina. I did an macbook pro review in another video. Click on the
annotation to check that out. Sorry for being late. I had some problems
with iTunes and Max Payne 3. When I started playing Max Payne, I saw black shadows everywhere.
Here are some examples to show you what i mean. You can clearly see that al the smoke elements
are not rendered well on the macbook. And I wasn’t able to play the game like this.
So luckily, I was able to get my money back to buy an even more awesome game. And that
is Batham: Arkham City Game the Year! So let’s startup Batman Arkham City. and see
how fast it starts up. I think that went pretty well. This game is
around 12 GB, so pretty heavy. Oke here were are in the start screen. Settings are fine and let’s start the game. I think the loading times are really acceptable. We got some thieves here i think. waiting for someone? ow batman is here. ow no – it’s cat woman. Let’s fight the bad
guys. Fighting is pretty easy. it’s only left or
right mouse click. Right mouse click is a couter attack. Oke that’s it. But the game is really legging
here. As soon as the voice over starts you could see things were legging. Let’s get what i came here for. ooow she’s caught. bad news for cat woman. I think we’re going to safe her later. It puts the vents on pretty loud. I can really
hear the air blowing out of my macbook. Nothing unusual i think.
But I advise to always make sure the airflow isn’t blocked.
A while back i did a video about the cricket stand. It’s a great stand to use while gaming
so your macbook won’t get heating issues. They’re now telling a story of Bruce Wahne.
He wants to safe Gotham City ofcourse. The graphic quality is really good. I really
like the style of this game. Awesome story. This bad guy actually knows
bruce wahne is batman. Oke so here we are again. Bruce Wahne is captured
on a chair. Let’s get out of here. Nice animation there. They really made the
fights look cool. and interactive. Let’s see what’s happening outside. Big prison. Hope i’m not fighting all of them. So much for standing in line. A lot of people
want me dead. Oke think i’m making some friend here… let’s fight these basterds. This guy just won’t stop. Stay down basterd. Awesome. just broke his arm. let’s get him up. And i’m out…… That was the penguin. Haha. Broke his hand. Yeah you run penguin. Awesome i broke the handcaughs. Now i can really fight. He really fights nice. Better than cat woman. Awesome end to a fight. I really like the
slo-motion combo’s. So as you can see. great graphics and speed.
It only legged one time so far. Cool game. In the reviews people complain of this game
crashing a lot and being slow. This was on MacBooks from 2010, with the minimal system
requirements for this game. See the description down below for all the specs and links. This macbook doesn’t show any problem handeling
this game. But it did put the vents on pretty loud. Still i think that is pretty normal. So i hope you liked this game review. Peace

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