Glaucoma & Diabetes

What led you to know about Super Lutein? “I
have been diabetic for 16 years… it caused the blood vessels in my eyes to burst. *cry*
. When you had this problem, how did you get to know about Super Lutein? “My sister was
consuming it for her heart problem and her eyes had improved, so she encouraged me to
consume Super Lutein when she saw my desperate situation. I rejected because I had spent
more than $10,000 on treating my eyes and it hadn’t come to any progress. But she kept
calling me to ask me how are my eyes.. I said,”just forget about it.. it’s the same as always”..
Eventually she came to visit me.. and gave me a bottle of Super Lutein. .*cry*.. It’s
a good thing her sister showed so much concern, as being in this state for 16 years is suffering
for her. “I took 1 capsule for the first time, as suggested by my sister… since it was
a gift from her… after a few days I felt dizzy, so I lay on the sofa each day watching
TV and couldn’t get up and walk around much.. eventually, I increased my dosage to 2 capsules
per day, and I coughed for 2 weeks… I skipped all the New Year visitations as a result..
I just wasn’t well enough to see anyone… even when I was talking the cough overcame
me. If i was someone else I might have stopped consuming seeing how these “side effects are
affecting me, but I decided to hang on to it just because it was a gift from my dear
sister. As both my siblings had been blinded by diabetes before, I was afraid that I would
become blind too. I continued cosuming Super Lutein without seeing much results. At that
time, my sister asked my brother to consume Super Lutein and he bought 6 bottles.. and
gave me my second bottle as a gift. So I continued consuming it …. still did not see much results…
My 3rd bottle was given to me by my husband whom Mary signed up as a member.. So I finished
my 3rd bottle and there seemed to be a slight improvement to my eyes… so I carried on
consuming it since I had already finished 3 bottles, I told my son that I would not
be going to the Chinese physician anymore.. I was to save my money to consume Super Lutein,
since I had been seeing the physician for about a year to no avail. It was on Dec 2010
that I went to see a specialist whom I paid $300 for a year of lasic treatments.. each
treatment cost me RM1600 to RM1700 and the injection was also very costly… even the
consultation was timed and charged accordingly. I was afraid of each lasic treatment: they
shone a very bright into my eyes which had to be pryed open during the treatment, and
there would be massive amounts of tears flowing. I’d ask the doctor every 3 weeks when I was
due for treatment ,”Doctor, need to laser?” and he would say “Yes!”.. then I would be
so afraid, because of the discomfort that I would have to go through each time. My friends
and relatives would tell me that even with lasic treatment I would eventually turm blind,
and so I asked my doctor on the next visit…. and he confirmed it… he said,”it will just
come slower when you do your lasics” so with or without lasic you will still turn blind.”
I had gone through almost 20 treatments by then, but now… my eyes are very bright..
due to Super Lutein. Month after month passed, now the doctor has told me that now I only
need to go tri-monthly for my checkup. During my recent visit, he informed me that I don’t
need anymore lasics on my right eye, and just a little bit more on my left eye. I was elated
when I heard the news. When I asked him how my eyes were faring, he told me
the reading from 28 for Glaucoma has reduced to 18.. I also had cataract… many problems..
During those lasic days I could see so little that I had to be assisted when I walked….
it was so tough for me.. the lasics had caused my eye’s blood vessels to burst and
that caused blurred vision all the time.. that was when the consumption of Super Lutein
was not enough yet.. Now after consuming for this long… within the year my blood vessels
have only burst twice.. the first time was due to the strain from the lasic treatment
again, so I told Mary that I had decided to stop seeing the doctor and just concentrate
on consuming Super Lutein… I would tell the doctor that I was overseas and unable
to visit him. So I did it. For 2 months I did not visit him, and I did just what I had
decided. Sometimes I feared that there would be a relapse but nothing adverse happened.
After the 2 months when I revisited the doctor he told me that my eyes were alright. Oh,
and prior to my eye disease i had a lot of sicknesses… high blood pressure that led
to stroke and a lot of other health problems.. my friend at that time could almost tell that
I was a walking timebomb, that my health condition was as if I was about to die anytime. When
I had recovered for about a week or so and I visited her, she had told me that she prayed
for a week for my health.. *laugh* . she said, “Thank God you’re ok!” I didn’t realize that
my health was so bad. So now after consuming Super Lutein, I thought it was only going
to help make my eyes better, who knows my joints are no longer aching, my blood pressure
became normal, and my friends are praising me for becoming beautiful haha… they asked
me what I’m consuming… so I told them..

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