French Bulldog With No Eyes Loves Life

COMM: This little French bulldog won’t let anything stop her, even when she lost both her eyes. COMM: Milly was the runt of the litter and was born with a genetic defect. Due to overbreeding, her eyes and head were extremely out of proportion to her tiny body. COMM: Weighing only 300 grams with severely infected eyes, veterinary technician Christin
adopted her after seeing an advert online, and immediately realised that something was
wrong with her new puppy. Tiny Milly was soon diagnosed with cataract and glaucoma and at
just one year old, the pressure in her eyes caused one of them to burst, and owner Christin
had to make the difficult decision to have Milly’s eyes removed. COMM: Immediately after the operation, there was a sudden change in Milly’s mood, and
she found a new lust for life. COMM: Without the pressure and pain of her eyes, this happy pooch is regularly up to
mischief with her three brothers, who all adore her. COMM: Especially, Punch the pug. COMM: This once tiny helpless pup is now independent and the leader of her canine crew.


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