Fitting your Fastskin 3 Goggles by Speedo – SwimShop

This video explains the correct procedure
for fitting your Fastskin 3 Super Elite or Elite Goggles. Stretch the strap and place
goggle on to your face. Position the straps on to the back of your head. Check for suction
by pressing the lenses on to your face, using the palms of your hands. To release suction
from your face, hold the goggle’s sidearms to release from the skin. The Super Elite
Goggle features the unique Dive Stream profile. This is the outer edge which reduces the force
on the goggle when you swim. It is not designed to form a water tight seal and it is normal
to feel water within the dive stream. Adjust the strap using the tensioning scale as a
guide for best fit. Release the strap from the buckle and pull through to your preferred
setting. Lock the strap in to the adjustment buckle and slide the clip to ensure the strap
is flat. The 3 nose bridges provided can be removed and exchanged to achieve the best
fit. To remove the nose bridge, hold the goggle edge with one hand and pull the nosebridge
directly out. Do not twist or bend the goggle. Position your goggle before fitting the cap.
Vertically align the Fit Point Markers found at the centre of the cap and the centre of
the Fastskin 3 goggle nose bridge. This will give you the best fit and hydrodynamics. The
Super Elite Goggle also features tabs on the upper edge. The lower edge of your cap should
be positioned to sit over these tabs next to the eyebrow.

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