Filutowski Cataract & LASIK | Patient Testimonial – Tabitha | Florida Video Production

(ethereal music) – Before refractive lens
exchange, I had terrible vision. I had coke-bottle thick glasses. I was heavily dependent on my contacts. I hated wearing my glasses. They’re very thick, got in the way. They were heavy, gave me headaches. I ended up having a
tolerance to my contacts, had to start buying the dailies. They’re more expensive, and I just needed a change. I chose the multi-focal
lens after talking it over with Dr. Filutowski. I really felt this was
the best lens for me. The multi-focal lens
allows you to see distance, intermediate, and close-up. I’m a passionate reader. I’m very active, I like to run,
be outside with the family, and this lens is what worked for me. To describe my vision before RLE, all I can say is it was a struggle. I really considered it a disability, having to wear glasses, thicker glasses and contacts
almost my entire life. Since RLE surgery, I can only
describe it as a miracle. I can see 20/20 vision if not better now. I thoroughly enjoy my vision now. It’s the best investment I ever made. I wake up in the morning. I don’t have to fumble
with glasses and contacts. I can actually see. My family and I enjoy being outdoors. I don’t have to worry
about being at the beach or swimming and glasses or contacts. Are they gonna fall out? I don’t have to worry
about my glasses fogging up when I’m cooking or going outside. It truly is the best
investment I ever made. If you’ve ever been told you’re
not a candidate for LASIK, if you’ve ever thought
that your vision’s too bad, you have astigmatism, I can
only say go see Dr. Filutowski. There is hope. There is a procedure out there for you. It may not be LASIK. Mine was RLE. It’s the best decision I ever made. I didn’t think there was an option for me. I wish I had known about
this procedure sooner. I wasn’t educated. I had just been told by my optometrist I wasn’t a candidate for LASIK,
and it didn’t occur to me that there was another
procedure out there. I wish an appointment with
Dr. Filutowski sooner. My name is Tabitha Kinney, and Dr. Filutowski has
changed my vision for life.

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