Fallout: Equestria – Pink Eyes – CHAPTER 5: Chickens

Edited by uSea CHAPTER 5: Chickens
Cutie Mark Crusaders Chicken Rescuers are go! DAY 5 – TIME approximately 9:30 A.M. – LOCATION:
Downtown, Salt Cube City “Yay! Go faster pretty cow! I wanna to go
faster!” The left head of the brahmin sighed and threw a desperate look towards the nearby
unicorn with the black hat. The pony snickered at the cow and waved a
hoof, dismissing her mute complaint: “It’s the deal, no grudges; give the foal one last
ride then bring her to my office.” “Alright mister White.” The cow sullenly began
to trot around the outside of White Tower, a journey she had made several times in the
past half hour. The ponies in the streets were busy repairing the damages from last
night’s shock wave but the filly in yellow still drew a lot of attention from them and
with the glares also arrived low muttered words. “I know her, she’s that ghost from the Carnival…
she cursed the ghouls. That foal brings bad luck…” “Look, she’s making a fool out of the White
Apples. I bet all my caps that she’s blackmailing them with something that she discovered inside
the Dome.” “Have you seen? The Glow disappeared and then…
then the ghoul’s airship exploded… they tried stealing something but it backfired.
Filthy ghouls, they deserved that one.” “Yes but what is she?” “Don’t ask, I’ve never seen her eat or even
open the helmet. I don’t know what that means but I’m sure that she’s up to nothing good.” “Shush! She’s coming this way!” Puppysmiles was having a good time and didn’t
care about the strange glances; it’s unlikely that she even noticed them. “It was super
fun missus cow can we do it again sometimes?” One of the two cow heads nodded. “Sure, but
you have to ask Mr. White: he’s waiting for you in the office, just go inside and take
the red door.” The other head continued to ruminate. Mr. White’s office was a large, clean affair,
sporting a variety of pictures decorating the walls and a mahogany desk so highly polished
that you could see your reflection in it. “Woah, this place is super duper fine mister
White!” The chief of the White Apples was a male unicorn
with a black hat on his head, his coat was white and his mane cyan. “Well, thank you
miss Days.” This name won a puzzled look from Puppy, so Mr. White elaborated: “The voice
from the Dome last night said that your mom was named Rainy Days, so I imagine that your
full name is Puppysmiles Days, isn’t it?” Puppy slowly nodded and tilted her head. “Uh,
yes it is. Now I have to go… miss Voice put a new arrow on the compass so I have to
follow it. Can I go please?” White sighed and lowered the hat in front
of his eyes. “Sure, obviously… but I’d like to ask you one last thing. What was that glow
inside the Dome?” “Ah, you mean the Salt Cube?” Puppy giggled
as if she found that question funny. “You silly pony, haven’t you ever seen the Salt
Cube of Salt Cube City? I mean, you live here, Duh!” The older pony felt the urge to raise his
voice but the filly had a very simple mind and scolding her was useless at the moment;
instead he smiled. “I must admit that I’ve never been inside the Dome, it is a bit…
scary, if you wish. So, the ghouls took away the salt cube on their vessel?” another puzzled
look from the foal, “The flying balloon…” Puppy nodded. “Eyup! They took the cube and
they did that quite in a hurry, too! They were all talking about a cascade and something
about a dee… uh… de-tuna show…” Puppy didn’t seem very happy with that last term,
“something like that, I can’t remember… But they were saying that they had to go away
before it happened because it was dangerous.” “Detonation, maybe?” “Yes, they said detorn… uh… deetun…
that one. Anyhow it was inside the cube and they wanted to go away with it super fast.
I helped them!” The blue maned pony raised an eyebrow. “They…
wanted to go away as fast as possible with a time bomb? I… I knew that those ghouls
were crazy but I didn’t think that they were gone this far. Oh well, I guess that this
explains why the radioactivity around the Dome is fading.” Mr. White smiled thoughtfully.
“You did a good job, little one. I’d like you to stay a little more but if you want
to go so badly I guess that I’ll let you follow your road.” “Okie dokie mister White! Bye bye I’ll tell
my mom that you were super nice with me!” “Sure, have a nice trip little one. Sorry
if I’m still a bit curious, but where will you go?” Puppy pointed a hoof southward. “There! My
mom is just at the other end of the arrow!” “Oh, straight into the marshes… good luck
and take care!” She was so dead. The marshes were the worst area in the northern
branch of the Big 52 and a foal alone was just going to be some radigator’s breakfast.
It was a pity to waste that Radsuit but the White Apples were not raiders. Mr. White stopped for a moment, pondering
that last thought. The filly was already going away but something in that little pony made
him regret having used her so badly; she probably saved the tribe from something way worse than
the ghouls and he had given her, what? Just a cow ride and not even a forewarning of the
incoming danger… not fair. “Hey miss Days, wait a moment! I have something for you.” ———————————————————————————————————–
DAY 5 – TIME approximately 11:30 A.M. – LOCATION: Salt Cube City Outskirts, Big 52 N Branch “WEEEEEEEEEEE!” A yellow bolt dashed along
the road riding a red scooter. The last houses of Salt Cube city’s suburbs
zipped past Puppysmiles, leaving a landscape of abandoned corn fields in their stead. And please, keep this in mind: once you reach
Happy Straw you have to take the detour. The route through the swamps is- BLAH BLAH BLAH…
Blah…. and remember! Don’t try in any case to cross the blah blah boo-ring! The filly-propelled vehicle zoomed directly
south and, since the scooter wasn’t loud enough by itself, Puppy was providing the sounds.
“WOOOOSH! ZOOM! Straight to the Moon! Space Captain Andromeda to the rescue! YAY!” Ahead of the foal in yellow, the road ran
through rotten fields and ruined farms, straight as a sunbeam heading toward her objective.
After a hoof-full of kilometers, the fields became a barren land dotted with dead trees
and small pools filled with murky water. Here and there rose a shack or a small camp but
they all seemed old and abandoned. There was some life in the area, but it consisted mostly
of insects and other nasty creatures that instinctively left Puppy alone. What was not seemingly eager to ignore Puppysmiles
was the spritebot that stood right in the middle of the road about a hundred meters
in front of her. “BEEP BEEP I’m a Jeep! Space pony incoming!”
The spritebot seemed to ignore this information, but Puppy wasn’t the kind of foal that stopped
for anypony while she was having fun; the yellow bolt simply kept going at top speed
on her brand new scooter. The spritebot dodged at the very last moment and seconds later
was following on Puppy’s heels, trying to keep up with her pace. “Hi Puppy, are you in a hurry?” a familiar
voice came from the spritebot’s speakers. “Questioner! I was missing you! Have you seen
my new scooter?” Puppy giggled still cruising at top speed, “I knew another talking robot,
but this one was funny! Well, it wasn’t exactly a robot. I’m not sure.” “How wonderful. Care if I ask you something?”
the spritebot didn’t wait for a reply, “What happened in the Dome and what was that explosion
east of Salt Cube City? Hey could you stop a moment, please?” Puppy sighed and slowed down. “Gee I was having
fun…” After stopping and jumping from her brand
new ride, the foal tapped the helmet as if it was her chin while thinking about Watcher’s
question. “What happened in the Dome? I made a lot of friends: mister boss Sand Box, mister
Soft Air, miss Peach Blossom… Oh and miss Voice.” “Wasn’t it mister Voice?” Watcher tried. “No, silly robot, there is a mister Voice
AND a miss Voice! She had to stay at the Dome but mister Voice can call her whenever I need!
She is super cool and helped me with the goodbye party for the ghoulie ponies!” “Oh, another pony-machine interface routine…
So… You met these ghouls and… threw them a goodbye party? What do you mean by that,
did you help them launch the airship?” “Yush!” Puppy nodded enthusiastically, “It
was super great! I was looking from the window and there was this huuuuuuuuuge thing that
went up, up, up in the sky!” Puppy spread her front legs to show how large the ship
was and reared up on her hind legs to show how high it was, but she went too far and
fell on her haunches giggling. “And there were all those lights and I heard my voice
super loud so I said la la la and goodbye ghoulie ponies and then they went away! It
was scootastic!” “Sccotawhat?” “Scootastic!” “Is that even a word? “Scootasure!” “You know… I don’t think that this scooter
is good for your pretty head…” Watcher’s voice betrayed the slightest trace of concern,
“Back on topic, what about the explosion?” “What explosion?” Puppy tilted her head frowning
a bit. “You mean the roof that went down?” “No I- wait a second… another roof fell
on your head?” This piece of information took Observer by surprise. “Yup. After the roof opened and the big balloon
went away the place went all squeaky and bang! Right on my head.” Puppy giggled, “But I’m
a super space pony so I dug my way out… I’m just that good.” The filly smiled proudly. There was a short laugh, then a sigh from
the robot speaker. “Oh well, everyone has their talents. So, where are you going now?” “To the next mom’s place, obviously. Third
time is the charm!” BLAM BLAM! A sudden pair of gunshots echoed through the
air. The bullets didn’t hit anywhere near Puppy or Watcher, but the filly heard them
loud and clear. “Hey, what was that?” “I… sorry Puppy I have to go. There must
be raiders somewhere, you’d better hide and wait until this firefight ends.” “A firefly? Where? I love fireflies!” Puppy
immediately launched herself in a frantic search, jumping all around. “Please, Celestia, keep her safe…” The voice
from the spritebot was replaced by a fizzling music and the drone simply began to drift
away. The sound of the gunshots came from above
Puppy’s head and when she looked up she saw an incredible scene: some big flying ponies
were dancing all around and making fireworks, like in a majestic ballet. The sight took
Puppy back to the day that mommy took her to the flying grounds and there were all the
pretty pegasi flying and making super fun things in the air. This time it was more or less the same; well,
actually not the same but there was somepony flying and there were lights and loud noises
so Puppy immediately classified the whole thing as top tier entertainment. But all the figures were pretty big and didn’t
seem pegasi at all. The foal frowned and asked, “Hey mister Voice… what’s wrong with those
ponies?” “Analyzing. Friendly griffins.” Puppy hadn’t the slightest idea of what a
griffon was, but if the Voice told her that they were friendly then it was A-OK. The filly
in yellow waved a hoof and tried to get their attention. “Hey pretty ponies! I’m here! Hey!” One of the creatures turned to look down at
the road, lowering his guard for a moment; he was shot by another of the creatures and
went down spinning. “Uh… let’s see… one… two… three…”
Puppy tried to count the remaining griffins but they were a bit too fast for her tastes,
so she decided to trot up to where their friend landed. Drawing next to the creature the foal
noticed that it wasn’t a pony at all: it looked like some strange beast half eagle and half
lion; she decided that it had a funny look. “Hi mister chicken!” The creature didn’t move; a large pool of
blood was forming under his body. Puppy poked him with a hoof. “Hey, something’s wrong?”
there was no reaction, “Uh, mister chicken? Wake up? Rise and shine?” Still nothing…
this couldn’t be good, but the worst part was that his friends didn’t seem to notice
it. Something had to be done. “HEY! CHICKENS! YOUR FRIEND HERE IS HURT!
COME DOWN!” Puppy cried with all her breath and waved both hooves in the air, trying to
get some help. Quite obviously, she was ignored. The remaining three griffins continued to
dance their waltz of bullets and blood in the sky above her head. “Aww, they’re too busy having fun and they
don’t hear me!” Puppy sighed. “If only I had something to catch their- Wait a moment, I
have it!” The filly smiled recalling that shiny thing that mister White gave her. Whatwasitsname?
Nine miles meters? Nay meme liters? “Uh… mister Voice, gimme that shiny thing that
makes a lot of noise.” “Warning. Object Puppysmiles cannot be retrieved
from inventory.” “Hey! You’re not very nice! You know what
I mean! That thing, the nanny my litters! You know, that one from mister White!” “Affirmative. Retrieving 9mm semiautomatic
pistol.” The gun floated in front of Puppy. The filly grabbed the iron with her hooves
and pointed it at the sky. “Hey! HEEEEY! Listen to me! How does this thing work? How does
it do the noisy stuff?” “Loading instructions for shooting mode ‘Time
Crisis’. First: point your gun at the target. Second: pronounce the word ‘fire!’ or ‘bang!’
the gun will shoot. If you need reloading put your weapon in the inventory and extract
it again.” “Uh, sounds easy!” Puppy pointed at a griffon.
“Bang!” BLAM! Clank! “EEEP!” Recoil sent the gun flying out of Puppy’s hooves. It bounced
against her helmet, falling to the ground a couple of meters in front of her and knocking
the filly down on her rump. One of the griffins screamed in pain. “Fuck,
he has backup! Kill that snip-” the creature didn’t get to finish the sentence: his head
exploded in a cloud of blood. Now there were only two griffins dueling in the sky but the
battle itself was becoming a lot more personal. The two griffins engaged each other in melee,
biting and slashing with their talons. Puppy trotted over to the new fallen griffon and
noticed that his head was missing. “Do you know, mister Voice…I don’t think they’re
playing. Is this chicken… uh… dead?” “Affirmative.” “And… uh…” Puppy frowned, “The other chicken
there?” Puppy pointed at the other grounded beast, “Is he dead too?” “Analyzing. No vital signs detected. The subject
is dead.” Puppy’s eyes rose again to the sky, where
the last two griffins were fighting. “And… those two are trying to hurt each other?” “Affirmative. Every clue leads to the conclusion
that they are fighting each other to the death.” “Okie dokie…” Puppy paused for a moment,
pondering the situation, “How do we make them stop? Oh! I have an idea!” Puppy took a deep
breath, “PLEASE STOP FIGHTING! SOMEPONY COULD GET HURT!” Actually somepony already got hurt; well,
mostly some griffon but Puppy wasn’t fussed about details and the two surviving fighters
didn’t seem to pay attention to puppy anyway. From the filly’s point of view it was quite
hard to say what was going on exactly, but one of the two let out a high pitched scream
and then they both began to fall in a rapid spin, like a whirlybird seed. Puppy jumped on her scooter and launched herself
on the chase, trying to see where they fell. When she reached them she found quite a scene:
one of the two griffins lay on ground, his chest torn open on the left side and his throat
cut; the other creature was struggling to get to his feet but was losing too much blood
from a multitude of wounds. “Hey mister chicken, are you to alright?”
The filly rushed to the struggling griffon as he fell on the ground coughing. “You don’t
seem alright.” “Cough… you… are the foal that shot…
thank you…” Puppy frowned. “I what?” “Please -cough- listen carefully… there
is… my daughter… in the military -cough cough- south…” the griffon’s breaths were
deep and labored, bringing with them a gurgling sound and causing him to cough again, “Henrietta…
she… is waiting for me there -cough- I beg you… go there… give her… this…” The
griffon handed Puppy another gun: This one was heavier than the one she owned and it
was all black with a red line along the barrel. “Uh… okie dokie?” Puppy poked the griffon,
“Sure but… you are going to get better, do you?” “You… are you stupid or what… I’m… dying…”
another burst of coughs and blood interrupted the creature, “Tell… tell Henrietta… that
I wanted to go south with her…. tell… her that I…. -cough- I… tell…” His voice
faded and with it even the spark in the griffon’s eyes disappeared. Puppy waited for a moment then tried poking
the griffon with a hoof. “Hey mister chicken, are you sleeping? Mister chicken?” she poked
him again, “Uh… I think that I have to go… I… uh… am sorry…” The filly took a step
back from the dead creature. She felt bad, something was really wrong now: this wasn’t
the first time she was in front of a dead creature, not even a dying one, but… But
she never really stopped to contemplate it before. Now, if we were talking about your average
pony this would be a perfect moment to make her face the horrors of a world where brothers
kill each other in a constant struggle for survival. Too bad that this is a story about
Puppysmiles. “Uh… I hope you get well soon but now I
really really have to go… sorry.” The foal kissed the griffon goodbye through her helmet
and jumped on her scooter, dashing away. “Hey mister Voice… are you there?” “Affirmative. All Systems operational.” “Why pretty ponies hurt each other?” The filly
frowned. “Warning. This routine is not meant for socializing.” Puppy sighed and kept scooting towards the
pink arrow on her compass. “Uh, mister Voice… did that chicken say something about a daughter?” “Affirmative. It is set as objective for secondary
mission: Bad news, new buddies.” Puppy pondered for a moment, stopping the
scooter. “Can you show me where is she?” “Affirmative: Henrietta Firebright set as
new primary target.” Puppy looked at the pink arrow disappearing
from the compass and reappearing again in the same point. “Uh, I don’t think it worked.” “Affirmative. New mission objective correctly
set.” Puppy shrugged. Operating all the mumbo jumbos
in the space suit was mister Voice’s job; if he said that it was okay then it had to
be so. “Let’s roll.” ——————————————————————————————————————
DAY 5 – TIME approximately 14:00 P.M. – LOCATION: 165Th Brigade field Headquarter, Salt Marshes “Warning. Several breaches in the containment.
Warning. Compass offline. Warning. Radio offline. Warning. Medical system offline. Warning.
Breach in the helmet. Warning. Pink agent detected. Repair talisman activated.” “Ugh… I think… that I stepped on something…”
Puppy tried to get on her hooves but stumbled and fell again. “I feel dizzy.” A couple of roadsigns right in front of the
filly stated: ‘Attention, minefield!’ and ‘Military zone, access restricted’. Debris
and broken pieces of asphalt lay strewn across the road around her, and entire chunks were
missing from the route ahead; quite incredibly the scooter lay a couple meters away from
the filly showing almost no sign of damage. “Hey, mister Voice… why did the road went
boom?” Thick pink smoke poured from the holes in the suit and the cracks in her helmet. “Analyzing. The cause of the explosion is
a land mine. Radio is online. Helmet integrity restored.” Puppy frowned for a moment. “What’s a land
mine? No, wait! This is going to take forever, right? With you using fancy words and me trying
to not get angry and we start arguing again. I need a professional here: call miss Voice.” “Opening communication bridge. Please Wait.
Compass online. Medical system restored. Loading personal data for subject 001: Puppysmiles.
Subject deceased, condition stable. All clear.” After not even five minutes the suit was almost
repaired, mostly taking materials from the various pieces of junk that Puppy kept in
her pockets. The foal wasn’t very selective with the stuff she decided to keep; if it
was shiny and colored it was a go. The suit’s repair spell wasn’t picky either: anything
that contained glass, metal or plastic was good enough. “Hello hello? This is Salt Cube Dome emergency
line. Sorry but at the moment all the personnel are dead, please call again when the services
have been restored. Bye bye!” “Hold on miss Voice! It’s me, Puppy!” “Oh, Puppy! Hi there, it’s been a while! What’s
going on? Did you find that thing I asked you? I’m ready for activating transfer protocol
as soon as you are!” “Uh… nope, sorry miss Voice. Actually, I
need help.” “Oh don’t worry I’ve been waiting here for,
what? Two hundred years? I can wait another couple centuries! So, what do you need?” “Well, I was dashing like a wonderbolt on
my new scooter when suddenly-” “Wait wait wait! You have a new scooter? Is
it red?” “You can bet your saddle!” “Scootastic! Is it fast, super fast or double
super duper fast?” “It’s like the one you see on the signs with
Scootaloo on top and all the stars around! You have to try it, it’s totally crazy!” “Aw now I feel green! You have to find me
that prototype body so I can try it! Promise me!” “Sure! Pinkie Pie swear!” Puppy tried to poke
her eye but the helmet was a problem. “YAY! Ok ok, back on topic, you wanted just
to tell me about the scooter?” “Uh, no… Actually, I have a problem of exploding
roads. You see, mister Voice says that there is some mining but I can’t see the miners…
and I don’t think that mines go boom.” “Well, it depends on what you are mining but
I can see your point… So the road exploded and there are no miners there… Please I
need you to take a look around. Do you see something like a… ah… flat and large frying
pan with an orange light on top? It should be ugly green or sadness gray…” Puppy smiled. “Yay, I see it! No wait, there’s
moar! It’s full of them! There are orange lights everywhere it’s like fireflies! Wow!” “Oh, so we are speaking of that kind of mines…
Okie dokie, I need to see them myself. Wait a second.” The HUD in the helmet flickered
for a moment, then the whole helmet lit with targeting signals, one for each mine that
the suit’s sensors located. “Wow, forty five and still counting! This reminds me of a game
I used to play a lot!” P7’s voice paused while the sensor finished detecting all the mines,
“Done! Now, there’s a path… you just do as I say and we’ll be on the other side lickety
split.” ——————————————————————————————————————
DAY 5 – TIME approximately 14:45 P.M. – LOCATION: 165Th Brigade field Headquarter, Salt Marshes The base was mostly intact: a line of big
hangars stood in front of a large court with low armored buildings on the sides. The front
gate had a couple of automated guns but a large battle tank had crashed into it, almost
destroying the entire structure and effectively blocking the entrance for anything bigger
than a pony. Puppy stopped for a moment to rummage inside
the tank before entering the base. “Woah! This thing is full of shiny stuff! Look at
this one!” The foal took a large shell with a red band around the head; it was big, probably
used as ammunition for the tank’s main gun, “It’s pretty! Hey, there’s moar! This one
is black and this one is blue! Tee-hee!” After cannibalizing the tank’s ammo rack,
Puppy finally decided to venture inside the base. Other tanks lay in the middle of the
court simply abandoned in place and mostly devoured by the rust and the climate of the
swamp. Strange plants grew all over the place and out from the windows. At first glance
Puppy couldn’t see any sign of the griffon’s daughter, so she did the most logical thing. “HEEEEERE CHICK CHICK CHICK CHICK CHICK! COO
COT COT COT!” Still nothing… how strange, “Maybe she’s sleeping.” “Warning. Hostile detected. Distance one hundred
meters.” A large creature poked its head out from one
of the small buildings: it was some sort of lion, but way bigger and when it stepped out
from a hole in the building, Puppy saw that it had a pair of leathery wings and a segmented
tail that ended in a long stinger, dripping with a green goo. “Analyzing. Manticore. Threat level: lethal.” “Uh, I don’t think that’s the chicken I’m
looking for…” Puppy trotted toward the beast, completely ignoring the warnings. After all,
this one was half lion too, maybe he and the girl she was looking for were cousins. “Hi!
I’m Puppysmiles! Have you seem my mom or a little chicken with a kitty cat tail?” The fell beast gazed down at the young pony
and sniffed the air, then stepped back and started growling; somehow it seemed scared
of Puppysmiles. “Do you understand me? Pretty please? With
a cherry on top? She has two wings, and a beak, and she is small… well I’m not sure
how small, but I guess she’s quite small… uh, are you listening to me mister kitty cat?” The manticore roared and hit Puppy with a
paw, knoocking her some ten meters away, then turned tail and ran inside the half ruined
building. When the filly had finally stopped rolling, she got on her hooves and stuck her
tongue out in the general direction of the beast’s lair. “Bleh! Meanie cat! I’m going
to find the chicken all by myself!” The filly frowned, “Gee, if everypony here is as kind
and pretty as this I can see why the chicken girl is hiding.” A second small building was in a better state
and Puppy tried to peek inside it. “Uh, nopony here?” She saw a soft green light coming from
a working computer screen. The filly trotted into the building, looking at the bright light:
it was a small office, with a couple of desks and the remains of a line of filing cabinets
mostly destroyed by a fire; on the screen there was a single line: ‘Please insert Password’. Did we already say that reading wasn’t Puppy’s
trump card? “Pee… El… Ee… Ei… Es… Ee” Okay you got the message. “Password?”
I know I know! Puppysmiles! Pee… You… Pee… hey it’s fun!” After three failed tries the terminal activated
the security lock down and the filly grew bored of playing ‘write your name’. She was
a filly on a mission after all… well, on a lot of missions actually, so she had to
keep moving… yay~ The hangars looked mostly intact from the
outside but their roofs had collapsed a long time ago; the only thing left on the inside
was just a bunch of ruins and rubble, leaving nothing more than a rotten pile of bricks
with a shiny facade. Puppy went through the various hangars finding only rubbish that
she decided to keep just in case. The filly noticed that sometimes a cute shiny metal
plate or some glassy bubbles disappeared, but she wasn’t sure why they did it or where
they went. Continuing with her search Puppy explored
another building. This one sported an observation tower and some very thick walls with a single
entrance and no windows at ground level. Inside the building there was little space and it
was occupied with the remains of a campfire, a couple of mattresses and some empty food
cans in a corner. There was even a low table with a broken radio transmitter on it and
an upturned pile of boxes that partially occupied the stairs that led to the tower. The voice of the suit suddenly came to life.
“Destination reached. New position: Rainy Days’ camp.” “Wait a moment, what did you say? Mom is here!?
MOM! IT’S ME, PUPPY! MOOM!” Maybe she was upstairs? Puppy galloped up to the top of
the tower. The stairs were old but still solid and they led to a small room with its entrance
in the middle of the floor and a control panel on each of its four sides. The walls were
replaced by large open windows so that it was possible to keep an eye all over the base
from the tower. But the room was empty. Puppy stopped for a moment looking all around.
“Where is mom? Mister Voice, you said she was here, why you keep lying to me?” “Warning. This program is not designed for
social interaction.” “You… YOU! Why every time I try scolding
you, you say that!? You are a bad voice and you should feel bad! Make me speak with miss
Voice, she understands me! She cares!” “Opening communication bridge.” P7’s voice
replaced the one of the suit internal system. “Hi there and thank you for calling. We are
sorry but the personnel are all dead. Please call again when somepony has-” “It’s me, Puppy. Hi miss Voice.” “Oh, hi again Puppy! You call a lot lately!
Do you feel lonely?” “A bit… uh, but I must ask you a thing:
it’s important!” Puppy frowned, “Where is my mom?” “Uh… give me some minutes. Processing data.
Comparing results. Object not found. I’m sorry Puppy, I can’t say where your mom is. But
if I correctly read the data in your suit you should be on her last known location.” Puppy waited for a moment trying to understand
that torrent of difficult words. “Uh, say it again, please?” “Your mom was here but now she is gone. Maybe
if you look around carefully you’ll find something useful to locate her.” “B-but where?” Puppy was losing her confidence:
she had been really sure that she would find her mom here. Now that even this try had been
a hole in the water she was beginning to lose hope. “Let me help, okie dokie? Now be a nice pony
and wait while I scan the area. And here we go! Look, a data disk on that console!” Puppy trotted over to the data disk and nudged
it with her hoof. “Uh, it reminds me that thing that Soft Air gave me…” Puppy connected
it to her suit, “Does it say where is mom?” “It’s an audio file… it has some recording
on it, let’s see… hey it’s quite old! Two hundred years! Wanna hear it now or later?” “Uh, yes sure… play it.” A female voice came from the suit speakers
and Puppy’s eyes widened. Mom, it was her at last! But… something was wrong, she was
coughing… was she ill? “Day fourteen… I’m running -cough- out of
rad away… the cloud seems to -cough- move -cough- but the whole place is still a death
trap…” The voice paused for some moment, there was
the sound of somepony drinking. “Damn, I hate this world and I hate -cough-
zebras and the princesses… they killed us all… The only -cough- thing that keeps me
from becoming -cough- crazy is that at least Puppy is safe in the stable…” There was another long pause. “I’m sorry, what hell hole of a world have
I prought you into? I…” The mare’s breaths came quick and shallow,
she was crying. Puppy jumped on her hooves. “Mom! Don’t cry I’m fine! I’m alright mom!
MOM! Please don’t cry I… I will be a good pony but please don’t cry! I… I can go back
into that gray place and say the magic words and go inside right now! Please don’t be mad
at me!” “I… I have to be strong. Puppy is safe,
she is in the stable. I -cough- must believe this. Now, what about me… It seems that
the south was -cough- only hit in a couple of main cities. The radiation there should
be less -cough- dangerous but the trip is long and I don’t think I -cough- have all
that strength now…” The tape interrupted for a few seconds then
another voice file started again with Rainy Days speaking. “Day sixteen… Fuck, I’m pissing blood but
at least the coughing is gone. I need to move now or it will be too late. This is for Party Star and Soft Air: if you
are still alive and find this recording I’m moving south. I’ll try to reach the tunnel under Sugartop
Mountain along the route 52. I’ll be waiting for you there. I hope to find shelter in the
maintenance rooms inside the tunnel, they should be shielded from the worst effects
of radiation. There was a short pause. Bloody Luna, it’s snowing green again… Fuck
you all, the ministries, the goddesses… What did you do to Equestria? This was a blessed
land, why didn’t you stop before it was too late? Puppy, I miss you so much… I’d gladly
die if I could see you just one more time…” Puppy heard the voice of her mother and curled
up on the floor. She wasn’t able to react. Her mom was lost somewhere in the south and
she was dying. The filly wanted to see her mother right now, to hug her, to show her
that everything was alright, even if it wasn’t. But, after all, Puppy knew for a fact that
her mom was the best pony ever: her mother was going to be fine for sure. Mom said that
she was going south to some sort of tunnel, maybe she was there right now: Puppy couldn’t
simply stop here and wait for the sadness to devour her heart, there was still hope. “Miss Voice, are you there?” “Negative. Communication interrupted. How
can I be of help?” The suit’s voice quickly replied. “Oh, it’s you mister Voice… I… uh… Need
to go to another place… some sort of tunnel, under a sugar mountain.” “Affirmative: Tunnel Town is set as new target
on the compass.” A new pink arrow appeared in the helmet HUD. “Purrfect! Then let’s g-” “Don’t you dare move even a single hoof, you
foal!” A high pitched voice interrupted Puppy. The filly turned herself toward the speaker
and saw the silhouette of a winged creature that was a little smaller than an adult pegasus.
“Now keep your hooves where I can see them and tell me what are you doing he-” ROAAAR! The young griffon ducked and tumbled into
the room as a large lion head snapped at the air where she had been just a second earlier.
The jaws of the manticore bit the iron of a window’s frame and the fell beast retreated
for a moment only to renew it’s assault; this time the frame bent and the predator was able
to force it’s way in, up to its wings. The manticore retreated again but next time it
was going to break inside the tower and nopony was going to stop it. “Fffffuuuuuck! That was close! Hit the stairs!”
The young griffon launched herself downstairs grabbing Puppy with a claw, “Where’d that
thing come from!?” “Uh… hi, I’m Puppysmiles?” The filly wasn’t
totally sure that this was the right time to introduce herself, but being dragged around
like abused luggage left her very little to do. “Shut your trap! Oh fuck why is everything
always going south!?” The griffon stopped part way down the stairs when she saw that
the manticore was too large too fit into the hatch from the control room. She drew a white
gun with a yellow line that ran down the barrel and emptied it into the monster’s snarling
face, forcing it to backpedal into the control room and give up the chase for the moment.
“Good kitty, stay!” A terrible roar came from outside followed
by the sound of claws tearing at the concrete. “Perfect, just… perfect! Now he’s angry.” “Uh… hi missus chicken? Can you let me down
pretty please?” “Pretty what? I am no chicken! Say that again
and I will-” With the sound of metal being rent and torn asunder, the upper entrance
of the stairs was blocked off by one of the control panels from the room above. The manticore
had trapped the two girls inside and now the only exit was that narrow door at ground level…
“Oh, fuck… he’s smart. Not fair.” Footnote: Level up! (4)
New perk added: Heave Ho! – You’re becoming a pro at throwing things. Every object you
throw flies farther and faster. Link to chapter 4 Link to Chapter 6 This fanfiction is based on Fallout Equestria
by Kkat; a familiarity with the source material may aid your understanding.
FoE can be found on Equestria Daily Additional thanks to Anonsamurai and Llama
Llumps for reviewing and a big help with some basics in English I completely missed.

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