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Edited by uSea AFTERWORD
Beyond the horizon, we will be together again. “Oh, c’mon, you can’t st- FZZT -rking right
now!” BAM BAM BAM! “Hello hello? Test, test… onetwothree…” “…” “Okay, it seems to work. Very well… let’s
get started. First of all, my name is Watcher. My self imposed mission was to watch over
the Wasteland, looking for lost ponies and groups of adventurers, hoping to eventually
find those that carried the Elements of Harmony. Now, things are changing and I have friends
that will help me with my task. I’m not alone anymore, and I finally have some time for
doing things that I feel need to be done. “And this is the reason why now I’m recording
this tape and, just for this tale, I’m asking you to call me Mister Questioner. This is
a story that could seem unimportant, or even silly, but it’s about dreams, and memories.
It’s a story about two large, innocent pink eyes that couldn’t see the horrors of our
times and kept believing that somewhere, behind those ruined walls, inside the slave pens
and even in the raiders’ camps, everypony was still a pretty pony. “And at the end of her journey, where the
road met the ocean, the ghost foal that lost her mom finally found a place to rest. Sure,
she was a little late, but I was told that when she finally accepted her fate, Puppy
left with a smile. “Like she were following an old postcard the
filly went down the Big 52, showing everyone she met what ponies had been in the past and
what they could still be. Somehow changing the way they saw themselves, making them see
a better past, and making them wish for a better tomorrow. She wasn’t actually trying
to change the world, or even to save lives, but that might have been why so many ponies
took notice. Since she was no preacher but simply herself, it was easy to see that there
was no fanaticism or weird ideals in her; just a little pony with large pink eyes that
knew, for a fact, that no one could really be that evil. “And this… this is what happened in the
few months between Puppy’s arrival at Emerald Shores and today. “The ponies of Emerald Shores came back to
the town shortly after the Wild Herd’s defeat: when they arrived from the NCA, they found
the graves on the hill and the remains of the crushed ferris wheel; alas, what really
startled them was that somepony had changed the name of the town on all the signs. Now
the town is called Nightmare’s Fall. “The survivors of Ironworks started rebuilding
the town, helped by their neighbours. Since the battle the settlement had a shortage of
adult ponies, so the Rangers decided to settle in this town, making it their new headquarters.
Not everypony was happy with this new situation, but the rangers proved themselves vital during
the liberation of the town, and eventually even the most stubborn came to accept them. “With Ivory Tower destroyed and Ironworks
reduced at the shadow of its former self, Broccoli gathered all the ponies that didn’t
want to live in a ghost town or hadn’t a home in which to live at all. The work in the fields
improved greatly and the farmers diversified their crops, for the joy of the foals. Now
they grow both broccoli and cabbage. “The crater at Ivory Tower was filled by the
seasonal rains and a small trading post has been built along the route between Broccoli
and Rust Manor. The town is very small and lightly fortified, but it’s growing fast and
somepony is starting to build farms all around the lake. The town still doesn’t have a name,
but the traders call it The Hole. “Rust Manor was attacked during the Enclave
conflict; the town wasn’t able to repel the attackers and the control tower was completely
destroyed; numerous ponies were killed, but the survivors are already beginning to rebuild
their home. It won’t be easy, but nothing is easy in the wasteland. “Sun City is still a war zone. The Sand Sweepers
and a number of small bands are currently fighting each other to gain the control of
the desert’s gem. Since the Hired Hooves retreated from Sun City during the Enclave conflict
and never came back, the settlement is still a dangerous place, avoided by almost every
caravan. For those that dare to risk their lives, though, the inner town is full of old
world technology that could make you rich for the rest of your life. “Tunnel Town expanded on both sides of Sugartop
Mountain and now it’s the third largest town along the Big 52. The prices for using the
tunnel have been cut considerably and the city began a service of long range patrols
to keep at bay the groups of raiders and slavers along the Route in the town’s territory. “Salt Cube City is still the biggest city
along the Big 52 and it has grown even more since the ghouls left the Dome. The Hired
Hooves are expanding their influence even outside the Route, and have opened offices
in the nearby towns. The Talons don’t seem very happy with this policy, and tension between
the two mercenary groups is rapidly growing. “The Redtrotters didn’t change very much:
they stayed faithful to their tribal customs and are still charging the caravans that travel
along their territory, but now foals don’t have to pay the fee. This is not a big improvement,
but the tribe has opened relations with the other settlements and they are actually trying
to improve the safety of their part of the Route. “The Applejack Rangers helped in reconstructing
Ironworks, establishing their new base in the town’s Stable. During the last battle
at the Cave, all four of Ironworks’ surviving paladins were dispatched to help with defending
the place, and I had the opportunity to meet both Cold Shower and Scold. The battle was
hard and Shower didn’t survive it; she is now sleeping besides Gauss at Emerald Shores.
Scold has grown distant after losing her; it seems that the old scribe is doomed to
survive all his friends… a fate that I can easily understand. “Happy and Jamie married and I was told that
she is expecting. Since the marriage is quite a recent news, I think that they didn’t expect
to be celebrating again so soon. When asked what name they are planning to give the foal,
Happy stated that she’s still uncertain, but it won’t be Puppysmiles. “Molten Gold didn’t stop his graverobbing
career for long after the battle with the Nightmare. The ghoul left as soon as he recovered
and sailed south on a steamboat, along with a group of adventurers. I haven’t heard anything
from him since then. “SolOS and Pinkie 7 were actually able to
become friends in the end. I was contacted by P7 a little after the first Enclave attacks;
she was curious about this ‘Questioner’ Puppy was always talking about, so we had a chat
and even if I don’t think I’m going to trust her or SolOS any time soon, I think that they
aren’t going to give us troubles for a while. She actually scared me a bit when she told
me about her and SolOS’ idea of programming a new AI and naming it Puppy.SML… I hope
that this was just a joke. “Lonesome Pony recovered from his wounds and
went back to Radio 52, keeping the Big 52 together with his encouraging speeches and
all of his music. DJ Good Stuff is still working with him but when I tried asking when they
were going to marry, both of them laughed at me. During the Enclave conflict Radio 52
kept broadcasting; it was small enough that the pegasi didn’t bother to shut it down.
The radio helped with organizing the defenses and boosted the morale of the defenders; it
wasn’t very much, but it was enough for those that fought during the conflict. “Mister White trotted back to Salt Cube City;
the loss of Sage Brush changed him deep inside, even if his sister never blamed him for it.
After resigning his place of leadership, he became a traveling merchant and as far as
I know, he’s still running along the Route, bartering every sort of merchandise. This
is just a rumor, but it seems that one of his guards is a unicorn mare with a tower
as a cutie mark. Maybe he didn’t want to lose the opportunity to hire somepony that had
the guts to spank a Nightmare, or he simply wanted to give a raider a second chance…
After all you gotta care, right? “After Long Ears’ demise, a new filly in her
tribe got the Far Seer cutie mark, becoming the next shaman. I have no idea how their
power works, but it seems to be some mix of powerful drugs and innate precognition; I
just know that it is very tolling and quickly consumes the mare’s body, so that a single
pony sacrifices her life to help the tribe. A boon that brings a curse… “There’s still a pony that I never met in
person, and I’m starting to doubt his actual existence. Puppy described him to me as…
the baddest evil villain ever. Count Horse Tile. I asked several travelers and caravan
guards, but no one has been able to give me a single clue about this cruel noble pony…
I guess his mystery will remain unsolved. “Henrietta is still running from the Talons.
It seems that there has never been good blood between them and the Firebrights, and the
young griffon is keeping up the family tradition. I tried to talk with Gawdyna, to see if some
sort of truce can be arranged. I hope that Henry will accept to parley; after all she
was Puppy’s best friend, and seeing the girl die because of a feud that she didn’t even
start is something i rally don’t want to see. “The Wild Herd was dispersed and fled to their
outposts on the coast again. This time they suffered heavy losses, both in numbers and
in pride, but everyone knows that they will come back one day. Hopefully, even if they
once more strike the Big 52, it will be without the help of an army of robots, and that could
be enough to let the good ponies sleep quietly, for the moment. “The Lost Herd seems to be gone. With Sidekick’s
death, the last of those damned souls found peace at last, and finally Equestria will
be able to forget one of the many horrors of the war. May those poor foals find a deserved
rest in whatever awaits us past this life. “So, this is the end of Puppy’s story. Did
she really change something along her path? Will her action matter in the long run? I
have- sorry, I has no idea, but I think I’ll miss the way she talked, and the way she took
everything so lightly. Another shard of the Equestria I loved is forever gone… but I
still hope that I will live long enough to be able to see a filly like her again; but
this time it won’t be a ghost from the past, but a daughter of the present. “And speaking of ghosts, the legend of the
Ghost of the Big 52 is still alive, even if it seems more a Nightmare Night’s tale than
a real story. It’s said that when the sun goes down and the moon is waning, a ghostly
figure rides along the Route, silent like a shadow and swift like the wind. It looks
for the souls of the wicked: slavers, raiders and the evildoers that lurk in darkness, waiting
for easy prey. At least two groups of raiders were actually found dead along the route:
they didn’t show a single wound, their weapons were still fully loaded and they were clearly
ready to strike… but they died on the spot, with no explanation. Killed by a presence
that didn’t leave a single clue. So, now I want to ask you one thing. “Do you believe in ghosts?” DAY 4 – TIME approximately 7:30 P.M. – LOCATION:
Downtown, Salt Cube City Sand Box turned the wheel left trying to make
the airship fly against the wind, but it was an impossible task. Friend Force One was losing
pieces along the way since the take off, and two engines had already failed. The ghoul
slammed his hoof down on the intercom and yelled: “Soft Air, we need more power! We’re
getting pushed back by a damn nightly breeze! I don’t know how, but give me more knots!” The reply from the communication device had
more in common with an electrocution than an actual conversation, but it was about the
balloon losing gas and the engines catching fire. Sand box cursed, before talking again in the
instrument. “Okay don’t worry, I’ve got a backup plan: we will crash the airship here,
so that the wind won’t send us back to Salt Cube city!” If the reply from the other side of the line
was a complaint, it never reached Sand Box. In that very same moment the whole world decided
to become pure light. Just an endless, blinding, perfectly silent
light that enveloped everything. There was no pain, and there was no fear. Just light. DAY N.A. – TIME N.A. – LOCATION: N.A. When Sand Box opened his eyes again he had
the unsettling feeling that there was absolutely nothing wrong. Nothing at all. He took his
time to look for a moment around the flying deck, trying to understand what happened.
Well, the wheel was still there, the sky was all starry, the commands were working, the
lights were all lit… “Wait a moment… the lights are all lit?
There are stars outside? What the…” Yes, the airship was working perfectly, and
by perfectly it meant that the whole damn room seemed as new as the day it went out
from the docks. The floor was shining, the commands were clean, the wheel was even waxed!
And the windows! They were so clear that you could even see yourself inside th- And Sand Box saw Sand Box. Surprise on his
muzzle was giving way to realization. Slowly, he touched his face with a hoof. It was…
his real face, the one he had before becoming a ghoul! He was a pony again, he was… Dead. He was dead, this was the only possible reason
for all of this. But if he was dead, why was he still on the ship? Was this some sort of
afterlife punishment where he had to fly a ship forever, like the Flying Dutchmare? Were
the others trapped forever on that thing with him? And why? He… he didn’t want to fly
forever, he had to see Agatha! She… she was waiting for him somewhere, he couldn’t
just… fly a stupid ship for the eternity! FWEEEEET! A loud whistle interrupted Sand
Box’s shipwreck of desperation, making him turn towards the deck’s entrance. A feminine
voice announced her arrival while the door slammed open. “Captain on the Bridge!” A pink mare with a pink mane and big blue
eyes appeared in front of the former ghoul; she was wearing a navy officer uniform and
sported the largest smile Sand Box had ever seen on a pony… “Miss… Minister Pie?” Pinkie dismissed Sand Box with the wave of
a hoof. “Ah, call me Captain Pinkie, I don’t like that ministry thing… it wasn’t happy
at all anyway.” The young mare started jumping in every corner of the bridge, giggling and
yelling enthusiastically. “Yay! I knew that this little filly was going to fly sooner
or later! Oh, oh, look! Look at this! All the arrows on the panels are pink exactly
as I asked! It’s… it’s fantastic!” The chief technician stood still with a confused
expression on his muzzle, looking at the hyperactive pony touching everything while moving around
at a speed that wasn’t physically possible. “I… can I help you somehow?” Before Sand had the time to finish the question,
he found himself staring into Pinkie’s enormous blue eyes, nose to nose with her. “Sure you
can! They are all waiting for you in the lounge! Move that slow rump of yours and join the
party! I’ll get there as soon as I’m done having fun here!” The stallion nodded, slowly stepping back
towards the door and never losing eye contact with Pinkie Pie. She was a little bit scary,
especially from the point of view of a pony that had just been dead for less than ten
minutes. Once on the stairs, he turned on his tail and rushed to the airship’s recreational
bridge. The saloon wasn’t crowded, still it was quite
populated, especially since Sand Box clearly recalled that aboard the Friend Force One
there were just four ponies when it took off. Now instead he counted eight guests. It was easy to recognize Soft Air from his
typical military technician jumpsuit, and Peach Blossom with her blooming peach flower
cutie mark was easy to spot; the middle aged mare with the stethoscope had to be Dr. Get
Well… wow, she was quite a sight with all of her skin and muscles in their place…
This left a griffon and four other ponies that Sand Box didn’t recognize. The griffon was sipping tea while reading
a newspaper, sitting on a couch. He was wearing combat armor and had several weapons on him.
Two of the ponies, a mare and a stallion, had the typical padded suit used under power
armor and were standing side by side in front of a table with drinks and snacks. They didn’t
pay attention to the table anyway, being too occupied in nuzzling each other, seemingly
at peace. The third pony was sitting alone in front
of a window, looking outside the ship. He sighed and shook his head, in his eyes was
easy to read some sort of regret and resignation. As if he left too many things undone behind
and wanted to go back. The fourth pony was a unicorn mare with a long cape; she had the
Sand Sweepers traditional jewelry on her, maybe she was a dead far seer? The mare seemed
different from the others, more a shadow than a real presence. She was also the one that
trotted towards Sand Box when he stepped inside the room. “Greetings, I see that Pinkie let you come
down at last. I guess this means that we are ready to proceed… she should be here soon,
unless she got lost again.” Sand Box frowned. “What is going on? Who is
she? Who are you? Listen, I’m not a troublemaker but I’d-” He stopped talking when the mare
approached a door and pulled it open. A Pink foal with a blond mane and two big pink eyes
trotted inside the room. Puppy still had her pretty silver ticket in
her teeth. She didn’t understand how exactly she arrived in that place, but it didn’t matter.
There were games, and treats, and it totally seemed like a super fancy party! It was everything
she always dreamed, and it was full of ponies to boot! And a Chicken! Sand Box felt his heart sink in an icy grasp.
Of all the ponies he was expecting to see, Puppysmiles was the last one. “Oh, little
one… I’m… I’m so sorry…” How could this foal smile even in a moment like this? “What
happened? Who… how did you arrive here?” Puppy tilted her head, unable to recognize
the pony in front of her, but he seemed very nice, so it was all right. “Hi mistur pretty
pony! I am Puppysmiles, and I am going to find my mom! A super nice skelly pony gave
me this super fancy ticket and sent me here! And I was told that Mom was just over there,
after the ride!” The little filly paused for a moment, checking the place. “Ah, are we
there yet?” Sand Box blinked his eyes, trying to understand
what the foal meant, but Long Ears came in his help, whispering in his ear, “Her mother
is dead…” This only succeeded in making Sand’s perplexity grow. “You… you are happy to be dead?” Puppy giggled. “The nice skelly pony told
me so, mistur pretty pony! But I feel fine and I’m going to find mom! This is, like,
the best thing ever!” “B-but…” She was so… happy… and even
if she was explained what was going on, what would have been the point of it? Sand Box
smiled and nodded. “Yes. Yes it is. Do you want to play something with the others until
we arrive?” In the meantime, the various ponies in the
room had slowly gathered around Puppy. They were all looking at her with various degrees
of perplexity or sadness. Cold Shower and Gauss approached the filly, the mare was the
first to talk. “I’m sorry that we had to fight you… I wish
there was a better way…” Gauss nodded for a moment, sighing deeply. “Ah, why is everypony sad? Where are the pony
games? I want to play hide and seek! Or pin the tail on the pony! And then I wanna dance,
and… Oh, I hope the pony tail is pink! Pink is my super favorite color! I’m the bestest
tail pinner ever!” Puppy was already jumping on her hooves, trying to look beyond the small
group of ponies. Pinkie, now wearing a flight attendants uniform,
followed Puppy through the door, and patted the foal on the head. “I’m sorry Puppy, but
there’s no time for that! We’ve sailed through the Star Ocean, and now we have arrived! The
ride ends here, fillies and gentlecolts! Thank you for choosing the afterlife airlines and
have a pleasant stay!” The pink mare moved rapidly towards the door, opening it and revealing
to the other ponies a wonderful landscape made of green hills and small ponds. Small herds of ponies dotted the meadows,
while pegasi sat on the clouds populating a wonderful blue sky. The passengers trotted
outside the ship, staring in amazement at the place. It seemed like a dream come true:
here and there it was possible to see the roofs of some houses and on the distant hills
there was a large apple orchard. Even Puppy was left speechless in front of
the beauty of the place; everything was perfect! The trees, the meadows, all the pretty ponies
and the sunny sky! It… it was even better than Ponyville, it was so beautiful! The only
thing that was missing was- Puppysmiles froze for a second, her eyes staring
into a small herd of ponies grazing on the borders of a daisy field. The smile on her
face grew bigger and bigger as she galloped toward the ponies in the grass. One of the
figures looked up and smiled at the incoming filly who was now crying with joy, unable
to say anything but a single word. “Mom!” Footnote: Press any key to skip credits – Thank
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