Eyes on Worlds: The Year of the LPL (2018 World Championship Finals)

We haven’t been able to win China’s LPL even once. Right now, expectations for IG are really high. It wasn’t easy for IG to even get this far. Since we are normally a team that doesn’t get results,
if we were to win Worlds it would have a huge effect on IG. Since we are normally a team that doesn’t get results,
if we were to win Worlds it would have a huge effect on IG. If we are to get this win for the LPL since I am an LPL player,
I will feel the pride and joy of the fans. To me… winning the World Championship… How do I even… That is something that I have only imagined and dreamt about. Right now, we are right on the door step. I am one step away so the key is to figure out how
I can do well and go through that door. If we are to win, it would be an unforgettable Finals. In my pro career and in my entire life, it would be the happiest, most amazing, and unforgettable moment. Push, push, push. We win, we win. Push, push, push. Kill them all. Kill them, kill them. TheShy: Is this a Penta? No minions, no minions. Rookie: I got the kill. Rookie: No, I got the first kill. JackeyLove: It’s fine. This is how they drafted their team comp? – Yeah.
– They were all AD. – They were really confident. – Just way too confident. They completely disrespected us. These guys had a lot of confidence to make those picks. You agree? Ask the jungler what he wants to play. Rookie: Ning, what can you play here? Ning: Gragas, Skarner. Coach Kim: Gragas looks good. Gragas, Gragas. Ning: But we’re on purple side,
it’s easy to get invaded as Gragas. Rookie: I’ll help you by pushing the lane. Ning: Gragas then, let’s go with Gragas. JackeyLove: King Ning, so cool! – Killed two at once.
– King Ning, you’re unbeatable. King Ning, you can play anything. King Ning, you’re invincible. Come, come, you guys, come! We haven’t won yet. Keep calm. Rookie: If the enemy picks a tank,
we will also pick a tank for top lane and we’ll play around bot. Ning: Can you tell the coach that if I play towards bot lane we will need to choose something
stronger than them in bot lane. If I can make history at this point in my career, I’d be really happy. Now that we’ve made it here, I’m not afraid. Coach Kim: Let’s take it. This is the most dominating team comp. Ning: Yeah, this is the most comfortable for us. Have loud voices when you’re pushing side lanes. Keep it up team. Let’s go, let’s go! I think we can fight this. Slowly, slowly, slowly. Fight slowly. You guys can fight. Jackey! Bro, you’re invincible this game. It’s fine, it’s fine. Let’s leave, let’s leave. Xayah has no ult, no flash,
Xayah has no ult or flash. No ult and no flash, no ult and no flash. In my pro career I’ve only cried three times, including today. The first two times were because I didn’t play well
and lost important matches. But today… I’m not sure how I started crying. At first, when we had taken down the enemy Nexus and won the championship that feeling then on the stage, I suddenly… saw everyone’s enthusiasm and I became really proud. I’m so thankful for everyone who has been supporting me all this time.
There are so many people. This moment belongs to IG, belongs to the LPL. We don’t need to wait until next year this is the year. Right now. This moment. We have waited seven years for this moment. To be able to enjoy this moment of glory everything was worth it. Lift up the trophy, IG! Hold up your championship. We are the champions! I… I’m so… thankful for all the fans who came to support IG. And all the fans that have been supporting me. That’s how I’m able to stand here today. That’s how I was able to get here. I am so thankful to the fans. Thank you. If I had to compare myself to
the amazing MVPs of the past I don’t think I could compare to them because Faker was so dominant back then, Mata, Ruler, and MaRin
were all especially strong players. I think, to even be comparable to them I still have to grow a lot. To be written into League of Legends
Worlds’ history feels really cool. I feel so proud and so happy. But I have the same thought as Rookie when we took down the enemy Nexus at that moment, we were the strongest team in the world but over the course of the next 24 hours we will become challengers once again. Now, everyone will hear your story. – That’s right. Everyone will remember your name. IG.


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