Eyes of Hope: Helping a #MillionMore People in Need See

It was embarrassing, yes. I was always squinting around and didn’t know who people were until they got up on me. And that’s not too good.I had a little incident on Monday when I got mugged. You know, money was taken, glasses were broken. But I cannot function without glasses. Blurry vision. I always went to Walgreen’s and bought ’em. You know, always got the wrong prescription. Got headaches. Didn’t have the money, didn’t have the finances. When you don’t have the insurance to get the glasses, it’s harder. So you’re on a fixed income, and you can’t get ’em, then it’s real hard. Last year, we reached an amazing milestone, helping 1 million people in need get critical eye care and eyewear from a VSP network doctor. We didn’t want to stop there, so we set a new goal of helping a million more people get critical eye care and eyewear by 2020. And the U.S. Conference of Mayors is an important part of reaching that goal. In 2016, in partnership with local VSP network doctors and mayors across the U.S., we were able to bring our VSP Mobile Eyes clinics into communities in need, and provide 10,000 people access to no-cost eye exams and eyewear. Our city, one of its challenges is how expensive everything is, living costs. That’s why we’re doing everything we can, raising the minimum wage, building more affordable housing. On a day-to-day basis, there are things that we can do for people. I think this is an incredible benefit. I’m really happy to see VSP do this, not just here in San Francisco, but on a national basis. They told me to come back in about an hour, I can’t believe it! And I can see from here to Europe. I love my glasses. This is awesome. When I got the glasses and I can see, that was the most exciting for me. It’s a lifesaver. For you guys to do this, it’s just wonderful. You know, this community needs this. You don’t know what it’s like not to see. All the patients were so appreciative that we are taking the time to care for their eyes. For many of them, this is their first eye exam or an eye exam in 15, 20 years. And just taking 15 minutes of our time, we are able to change their lives. There’s nothing better than that. Thank you so much. Beautiful.

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