Eyelid Lift or Brow Lift ? Dr Reema Hadi explains the difference

welcome to our decision-making series of
videos our next topic is how do I know if I need upper eyelid surgery or a brow
lift do I need a Browpexy. Everyone is different the shape of our eye our
eyelid type the shape of the eye socket and where the brow sits what about the
eyebrows we often notice hooded eyelids when our makeup sticks to find out if
you have excess eyelid skin or you need an upper blepharoplasty pinch the skin
and close one eye this tells you how much skin you need to remove you can
then check if you have hooding this is excess skin on the outside of the eye
this too can be removed at the same time to find out if you might need a brow
lift look at where your eyebrows sit then lift them up if lifting them puts the
eyebrows in a better position then you might need a brow lift a brow lift is
done through a cut in the hairline which is an endoscopic approach the
alternative is a direct brow lift which involves hiding the scar in the eyebrow
line but this might need feathering on top or covering with a brow pencil the
operation that’s in between is called a Browpexy. This is when we put deep
sutures to spend the brows up through an upper eyelid cut finally you can find
out if you have fat around the eye that needs to be removed you can do this by
pushing on the eye and looking for bulging around in the 80s we took a very
reductive approach and we removed a lot of fat nowadays we tried not to
remove too much fat because this can give a hollow or an aged look at the Swan Clinic we tailor the operation to you I hope that this has helped answer a few
of your questions thank you for watching my video if you want to find out more
please check our website or contact us directly

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