Eyecare: Optometrists WordPress Theme

Welcome to the world of optics. Eyecare is
a WordPress theme for optical centers and professionals such as optometrists, ophthalmologists,
and opticians and who perform examinations, diagnosis and treatment of eye diseases and
weaknesses or are related to any profession concerned with eyes and vision.
The eye is the lamp of the body. So if your eye is healthy your whole body will be full
of light. This is full screen slider WordPress theme
for opticians to showcase images related to their optics business and grab the interest
of their prospective clients. Business logo, Contact No. Custom menus,
all these can be added up in the front view of the website. In about us column you can write how it all
started! Your business history , establishment year
other facts about your company. Services area stretch out what all services
you offered and what’s your market hold. Like you provide comprehensive eye examination
for both adults & children. What all instrument you have for an eye examination.
Through these technical terms customer feels connected with even before taking your services. Other services like if you deal with eye injuries,
eye infection. Providing separate contact no. and taking
prioritising this service can be one of your way of working. Blog posts. Gallery page to show pictures of your clinic,
clients, eye specialists, surgeons, optometrists, etc. There is also a tweet option with every
image slider. Contact us bar with a location map to help
the eager eye patients make contact with you and help clients make contact and ask queries
regarding treatment and procedures. This location map fasten your visibility. Business taglines and descriptions, always
a handy elements and work as add on. Your different services can be sum-up in this
3 column featured area. Blog page to share your work experiences,
to educate and aware people about eye health, to share treatment stories, etc. The theme has a featured area for your client’s
opinion. Business punch line with a call to action
button make this theme more appealing. Widgetized footer and social icons. You can also add a video in this footer area
of your website. This Item comes with Developer License.
You can use this for multiple purposes. So if you want a 100% responsive and a fully
customizable theme this is your landing place. We have it because you want it.
You can also checkout Eyecare theme simply by using the URL given below.
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